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Project Runway - Spin Out

Previously on the tragedy known as Season Teams of Project Runway, we met a whole bunch of designers, none of whom are excited to be in teams. There's Team Keeping it Real (KIR) and Dream Team. For team KIR, Qaniel won for his beautifully made suit. On Dream team they got rid of Emily's hot mess. I was glad to see such a cocky shit go home first. I wonder how many times they will say that dream team was really having a nightmare.

Onwards and upwards! I still don't know these people by faces, I need names Lifetime. Queeny B tells Morticia she wouldn't have been in the bottom 3 if they hadn't been in teams and all 16 were competing for themselves. Bullshit! That look was bad, all around.

Heidi comes out in a completely appropriate and casual look. Maybe Tim helped her...

Heidi says they'll be keeping their same teams. Everyone on Dream seems a little surprised. I'm confused. I guess I just assumed they would stay in these teams for the remainder of the show. Maybe it if gets too lopsided they'll shuffle some things up like on Hell's Kitchen? Heidi tells them their next challenge will be a ball.

The designers meet Tim at a club called Spin New York. It's a ping pong social club. It's apparently a big deal. It's owned by Susan Sarandon. They are challenged to design new uniforms for the servers and ball boys. The company slogan is "Balls are our business". They will have 3 female uniforms and 2 male uniforms. The winning look will be worn as an actual uniform. The designers spend some time working as ball boys and servers so they'll get an idea of what the actual people that work their go through on a daily basis and what they actually want.

Albino tells his team that he's a natural born leader, and so he's going to step in on this one and take the head honcho position. They start sketching and are realizing that this is the first time being in a team will be crucial, since there are only 5 pieces to make. One of the artists is telling us that he's originally an artist and then somehow made his way to fashion. He finds this challenge not inspiring at all.

Time for Mood. KIR hasn't quite divided up who's doing what pieces. Qaniel decides to work with Layanananan or whatever her name is because she didn't do well in the last challenge, and since they're only as strong as their weakest link, he's trying to help. Bravo, sir. Way to figure out how to make this situation work.

Albino is keeping a close eye on Morticia. I can't blame him. She's not liking it at all. There's a reason, sweetheart. Your look last week sucked.

Joseph wants to put these dudes in polka dots and fabulous prints. Qichard has enough sense to say no. "These guys want to feel confident and sporty and strong. We can't put them in that. " "Well they can still look cute." No offense, but a straight guy doesn't want to wear flamboyant gay outfits. Wearing a work uniform can be bad enough, but it doesn't need to have girls question your sexuality at the same time. He's bugging me. Jason says he's sold these sweaters for $100 a pop, and that he's sold 78 of them.

????? Damn you hipsters. Damn you straight to hell!

KIR seems to just know how to work well together, at least far better than Dream. I don't know if it's because they've figured out the strong need to work with the weak, or if they are just collectively better. Dream is struggling, mostly because of Morticia. I get that she's self conscious of the fact that she's the token old lady, but dude, you were in the bottom, that should knock you down a peg.

Matthew is the artist guy, and he's complaining he's only making jeans. He finds it too basic. Albino is getting involved wherever he can to prevent them from losing. Somehow, James got control of an entire look. He's not even really participating in the group discussion. The team is aware of this, but he just doesn't really respond. I hope he goes home. He bugs me.

Qaniel is giving Layananana some pattern making lessons. She says she graduated from FIT and then did a year internship with Oscar de la Renta. Holy hell! And yet she doesn't quite know how to drape a pant. And Qaniel is self taught. Just goes to show a fancy degree can't make up for actual experience. She admits that she doesn't know everything and she's open to help.

Morticia is making a jacket because they're her favorite things to construct. Albino is overseeing. Morticia calls him out as micromanaging and so he backs off. She's a pain in my ass. She's not the fun loveable old lady that Peach was. Get outta here. Queeny B agrees that Albino is just trying to be helpful, and that Morticia needs it.

They bring in a screen printer to incorporate the logo onto the pieces so the artists don't screw it up royally.

I hope they're keeping in mind that there are actual people that will be of all kinds of sizes and shapes that will be wearing one of these pieces to work every day. Tim comes in to check in with KIR first. He gives his critique and then asks how the team feels about things. Stanley also go a piece to himself. I don't like him right now. Mostly because he's not Stanley from The Office. KIR is smart and made a little harness for their ball boy to put the stick they use so they can have their hands free when they need them. Patricia gets on this tangent that she needs to create a piece that will help her stand out because apparently the judges told her she needed to show them her construction skills. I don't remember that part, since she was in the top three anyways. Tim calls her out for being egotistical. She's defensive. Tim shuts her down.

Dream is next. Queeny B actually is designing a cute little dress for the server. Tim likes the piece as well as the team. I feel like she's gonna get vicious if they keep losing. Artist Matthew is visibly not happy with what he's designing.

Tim asks why do jeans if you're not happy with jeans? Queeny B says they were jokingly talking about doing a kilt. Excuse me? Tell them how horrible that is, Tim. "Actually...I think it's quite interesting." NO! Tim! What are you saying!? I don't know a dude that would willingly wear one that wasn't playing bagpipes or going to a Halloween party. Morticia and Albino get in trouble with their pieces not going together well. Tim's not confident in them.

James's personal critique and Tim says that the shirt is a mess.

I can't disagree. The team doesn't like the color or the proportions and votes to scrap it. James says in an interview, "Where's your faith? Let me finish it and fix it before we just scrap it." Dude, there's no time for finish and then decide. This right now. Tim says they're in trouble. They keep showing this random Thai guy, and then I remember he's actually a designer, he just doesn't get any screen time.

Stanley thinks the kilt is tacky and a bad idea and that Artist Matthew isn't keeping the client in mind, he's thinking of his own vision. I have to agree.

Runway day! Apparently Dream has decided to pull their heads out of their asses and work together. I think it's a little late for that guys. That needed to happen on day one. Moritcia somehow believes that they'll win. Katie is lacking faith in KIR. She doesn't like anyone's look. I'm a pessimistic person, but this girl is just really a Debbie Downer right now. Pointless make up and hair product placement time.

Stanley Hudson uses literally the last minute to cut and sew a new hem on his top, as Tim walks into the room to take them down to the runway. Good gracious. Get outta there!

Heidi's look isn't terrible, but it's not that great either. I'll take eh, over awful though. Susan Sarandon comes out as their guest judge. Tu says she has big boobs. Ha! What has she been doing lately, besides owning ping pong social clubs? More stuff than I was aware of, according to IMDB.

Dream is up first.
Queeny B's look is really good, and if they win, this will be on the top. It's cute and flirty, but functional.

Samantha and Tu made an ok piece. I personally wouldn't be super crazed about wearing a top that showed my bra, but I"m just a small girl from Wisconsin.

James's piece is very blah. It says nothing as a uniform to me. It looks like a surfer dude catching some waves.

Albino and Morticia's piece is perfectly fine. It's a little stuffy, but it's well made. 

Albino and Artist Matthew's kilt looks stupid. Nope. Bottom. The general public isn't going to wear that, and that's who works at that club.

KIR up next, starting off with Layanana and Qaniel. It's cute and flirty. I like the apron effect in the front of the skort.

Stanley's top looks a mess, but maybe it's upposed to fit that way. The pants are pretty basic, but they look good on the model.

Kate and Water Lily is up and the piece isn't very good. If they lose, it could be in the bottom. I don't like the legging with the skirt and the top is dumb for a server

Amanda's piece looks like it would be on someone at the club, not someone working there. I don't get it at all, and she's freaking out because it's so short.

Joseph and Qichard's model looks sporty and fun. I like the pants, but the crotch is pretty low. The harness works great and it's effective. Susan already says she loves this look.

The winning team is team KIR. Dream is pissed. I couldn't handle being on a team like this where you keep getting denied a winning look because the other people on your team suck. This is when people like Evan and Johnny Bananas on The Road Rules/Real World Challenge would start "trimming the fat".

Top looks belong to Qaniel and Layanana, Stanley and Joseph and Qichard.

Qaniel and Layanana get praised for being sexy but not overly sexy, as well as functional. Susan apparently had never heard of a skort in her whole life. Really? Qaniel says since he had immunity the win should go to Layanana if it comes down to it.

Stanley says his top is made of a sweatshirt like material, which is why it looks goofy. They like the logo placement. Susan is pleased and says her guys would wear it happily.

Susan is super happy with the harness the last pair created. Qichard says they put white on top because in the club with the black lightening it can look like you have dandruff if your shirt is black. They can't agree on who would be the true winner, they say it was a true collaboration.

Dream is up for their lashing. Lowest scores belong to James, Albino/Morticia, and Albino/Artist Matthew. James is up first and goes on a rant about how consumers need to see a brand 9 times before they buy it. So that's apparently why he put the logo on the back pockets of the pants. Nina calls the pant length "disturbing". Susan doesn't think he looks like a waiter. Heidi brings up a good point that she doesn't find it appealing or appetizing to see man armpit hair when being served food. When asked he says he had a different top but no one liked it. The team says they did try and help. I feel like no one is speaking up enough here. James didn't want any help.

I do like that he created a little flower on his lapel with those pins though.

Albino and Morticia are told their piece looks like a receptionist at a hotel in the suburbs. Susan agrees that she does look like a hostess, but that's not what they wanted. Zac says it's a nice piece, but it doesn't fit the request. Nina says it looks like something that comes out of a dated catalog. Albino speaks up and says he was the team leader and spent more energy checking in with everyone else and his pieces suffered for it.

Get ready for the scolding for the kilt. Artist Matthew gives his story of how he got to the kilt. Susan says the guys wouldn't wear it and that it was, "ballsy". Heidi laughs way too hard. They all really hate the "balls are my business" label over his actual balls. Zac thinks it's all just too much. Nina says they way too focused on their own vision vs what the client wanted. Zac calls them out that it's kind of bullshit that Artist Matthew is saying he's not really into commercialized fashion.

Winner is Layanananananananana. She's excited. The sass and functionality of the skort won them over. Everyone is safe except for Morticia and James. Both were bottom looks last week as well, so this isn't really surprising. Both are just canon fodder anyways.

Loser is...James. I'm not shocked. It was his time. He's dsiappointed he didn't get to show more. Tim says to Dream that everything on the runway is better than it was yesterday in the runway, so be proud. James doesn't give Tim a hug on his way out, he just kind walks out. Dude, it's Tim Gunn, you hug that man!

He piles up his stuff in one of the most unorganized ways I've seen before. And is he allowed to take the tablet?? I don't remember them giving them to them to keep!!

Next week they for Heidi to wear all over the world somehow. KIR has some issues and apparently Albino crashes and burns. Oh no! Albino!

Til next week!

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