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Bates Motel - The Man in Number 9

Goood Eeeevning, Addicts! Can I just suggest to those who haven’t seen it yet, please go and watch the original Psycho. It’s so good. When it was originally run in the theaters, if you were 10 minutes late to the show, you weren’t allowed in. I have a part time job as an usher at the local arena and theater and I think we should implement this rule for ALL events. If you’re more than 15 minutes late, get the hell out of my venue. Why should I have to go and piss off a whole row of people, in the dark, because you left the house late? Is that my fault? NO! So STOP YELLING AT ME! Sorry. That was a moment.

Previously we saw shit get real, real quick. Shelby found out that the Asian girl had been found and his secret wasn’t just his anymore. He shot up the house and tried to kill all of the Bates’ but Dylan shot him dead. We then found out that Norman wasn’t so normal after all. He was the one that killed his father in a fit of silent rage, that Mother than set up to look like an accident.

 We see Romero pull up to the house. He gets out and has a sad puppy dog look on his face, as if he can't believe that his BFF could be dead. I don't actually know if they were BFF's but I can only assume, that as partners, they were close. He slowly walks up to the body, rolls it over and sees the guts and death that are now, Shelby. He says they need to talk. Yeah, I think an explanation would be needed.

Mother tells him everything. About Keith, about Shelby, about the girls, everything is now out in the open. Romero is taking it all in and says that he has a plan. What really happened is that he began to suspect something was up with Shelby and that Shelby was the one that killed Keith. Shelby tried to move the girl the motel and Romero had a shoot out with him, resulting in Shelby's death. Dylan merely got in the line of fire and took a hit to the arm. That's it. Case closed. Dylan is pissed that he risked his life and all he gets is "I got in the way of his showdown." Mother and Norman have a very long exhausted embrace. They've both been so buried in this, that there's a moment of release.

We see legs intertwined and see Norman and Bradley together. Wait? I thought she wasn't talking to him. Norman also looks like the worst kisser. Like a fish trying to suck her lips off. Gross. They hear the door open and hear Mother. Oh shit. Then we see that it was a dream. Mother is in a tizzy because the motel opens to the public in 7 days and there's a lot to get done. He's currently trying to hide his morning wood. Mother tells Norman not to worry, that everything truly is behind them. She asks him to fix the lattice under the stairs before he goes to school.

When he takes the broken piece off, he hears barking. A pink-ish looking dog is not happy. His hide-out has been disturbed and discovered. Norman tries to win over the affection of the dog by throwing the remainder of his sandwich at it. He also is wielding a hammer and it seems like he wants the dog to come out so that he can bash it on the head. Hmm...

Mother is in a good mood and is making Dylan a huge breakfast. She's on Team Dylan for the moment being, considering he saved their lives. Dylan says that he's still moving out, despite what happened. Mother is shocked and annoyed. She wants him to stay and help, now that he knows what Norman is really life. She stops making breakfast and starts on a typical guilt trip. They fight over taking out the trash and she storms off.

On his way back to the dumpster, he sees a car pull up and stare at the place. When the window rolls down a sinister looking man asks about what happened to the Sea Fairer Motel. He's clearly one of the Asian rapists. He asks where he can find Keith. Dylan tells him that he's dead and then man puts on his glasses and drives away. Eww...not another one...

Norman is back at school and he gets a big goofy smile on his face when he sees that Bradley is back at school after her dad died. She says hi and she sorts of brushes him off. Her friends are also around and are trying to be the shield for her, but Norman isn't really taking the hint. Stage 5 clinger! Come on, Norman!

Mother goes to a local restaurant with brochures for the motel. She's interested in making an arrangement where they each can advertise for their business at the other's locations. When she tells the manager that she's the new manager of the Bates Motel, the manager is visibly grossed out. She says no, that she's very selective of what kind of businesses she promotes and the Bates Motel won't be one of them. Apparently the whole town is aware of what went on there with her and Shelby and the shoot-out. It would seem that no matter how hard she tried to save herself from being tainted, it's happened anyways. Mother is not happy.

As she's in the office and looking at the blank reservation page, she goes to lock up when she sees something wrong. There's a man trying to open one of the room doors with a key. She goes up to him.

He says he wants to know what happened to his standing reservation. He comes here every other month for a week and stays in room 9. He introduces himself as Jake Abernathy. It makes me think of Aberforth (Dumbledore's brother). Mother says they've been doing updating and the locks have all been changed. She offers to let him stay right now if he doesn't mind a little renovating happening behind him. He's more than happy to let that happen. She goes to get the new key for number 9 and is pleased with having a customer. She lets him go in without getting any sort of information of payment.

Dylan comes home and sees Jake's car. He confronts Mother about it and tells her that he saw Jake earlier this morning and that he was weird. Mother didn't think he was weird. I thought he was weird. Dylan reminds her about getting his information and she says she'll do it tomorrow but Dylan insists on doing it now. He goes to get it and Jake says that his information was already in the old system so he doesn't see why he should have to give it to them again. Uh...because there's new computers, and because it's standard procedure, and because we don't want rapists staying in our rooms!! Jake finally gives in and hands over his driver's license. Dylan asks what sort of work he does that he comes here every other month. Sales. So generic. Instead of handing over a credit card he pulls out a wad of cash and hands him an assorted amount.

Dylan comes over to report the odd exchange. Mother is busy trying to scrub the blood that fell out of Shelby's face/body off of the concrete on the stairs up to the house. Dylan tells her that stone is porous and the blood can't be scrubbed off, it will just have to wear off in time. Mother refuses to let this happen because every time to she looks at it she'll be reminded. I can't blame her, I'd do the same. He throws the cash down at her and leaves.

Dylan and Norman are out picking up stuff when they see Bradley. Norman can barely hide his glee. She sees them and walks over to say hello. Dylan introduces himself because Norman is too busy staring at her soft, golden hair to form words out of his mouth. She's out picking up some food because her mom is out of town. This means to Norman's brain that they can get down and dirty again. Bradley then tries to confirm that Dylan works for Gil, and says that her dad used to as well. Dylan is aware of who her dad was and how he died and expresses condolences. Norman reminds her that her food will get cold and they leave. Dylan stares after her and she turns to return the stare. Dylan confirms that she is in fact the girl that Norman went and had sex with that night. He asks if they've hung out again since then and Norman says no. Dylan seems to know the score better than his love-sick brother.

Mother is tossing and turning in bed when she hears a bump in the night. She gets up and goes to check Norman's room but he's sleeping peacefully. More bumps. She follows the noise downstairs, and calls out for Dylan. No response. Just creepy music and bumps and darkness. Gah! I'm not meant for this kind of show! She picks up a knife in the kitchen and goes to find that one of the doors has been caught in the wind and is banging open and shut.

The next day Emma comes bashing up the stairs with her tank. She sees the small plate of food by the door. Mother answers the door and is happy to see her. She says no, they didn't get a dog when Emma asks. She asks for Norman and she's brought inside to wait. When Mother goes to tell Norman she's here, he says he doesn't really want to see her, so he's "sick". Mother reminds him that Emma has feelings for him and he says he knows but he doesn't feel the same way and he doesn't want to lead her on. Such a dumb boy. Mother is saddened but then asks if he left a plate of food out for a dog. When he confirms that yes he did she says, "Don't do that Norman! You'll have every animal in the woods coming to our front porch!" A metaphor, perhaps!??! For the animals that is residing in room number 9 and all his gross buddies that will eventually come back as well???

Mother goes to tell Emma the news that Norman can't come down and she can take the hint. She opens the door and pauses to gather herself and not cry. Poor girl. She tries to play it off as allergies. Mother tells her that she has an errand she needs to go do and asks if maybe Emma wants to come with her and they can go out for lunch as well.

In the car they have a girl gab session about Norman and how strange he's been acting. This is mother's time to pry about what's really going on with her son. She doesn't want to spread any school gossip and Mother understands, but she does say that she doesn't know how fast Norman will get over "her". She denies knowing if they've slept together and then she goes on to describe Bradley without naming her. Then she offers to show Mother who she is. "But that's crazy, right?" Yes, Emma, it is.

They watch her doing yoga in the window for a few minutes. Look at the look in Mother's eyes! Then the light goes off in her head. She remembers that Bradley was the girl that showed up on their door step the first day they moved in asking to take Norman out to go studying. Then remembered that it was her party that Norman was at while she was being raped.

Then we see "flashes" of what she thinks Norman and her have done, sexually. In her mind, Bradley is the one leading Norman down this sexual path. She seems distraught and they leave.

Norman is doing some work outside the motel and the dog shows up again. Constantly barking, and Norman breaks off pieces of the cookie he's eating and gets the dog to come closer and closer. Eventually he gets the dog to eat right out of his hand. Then Mother shows up and the dogs runs away after she scolds him for playing with the strange dog.

They're doing dishes in the kitchen and Norman is trying to make his case for keeping the dog. Mother isn't having any of it. I can't blame her, but I'm more of a cat person than a dog person. I know, it's a terrible thing to admit, not being in LOVE with dogs, but I just never was! I'm only 5' tall, and dogs always jump up on me to say hi and that means they're right in my face when they do. It's annoying. Norman says it's normal for families to have a dog. Mother says that she won't take care of it, so he'll have to. Mother than sits him down to have the sex talk. She tells him to be careful. "You don't know that girl well enough to be screwing her." Well, that's awfully blunt. Mother then asks him what kind of girl shows up at his door, without knowing him. She tells him that she knows WHO he's been screwing. She tells him that there are chemicals that get released in a woman's body when she has sex and that it's not something he should be dabbling around in. Norman tells her that he really likes her. "Oh. Ok." Is her response. She then tells him that she hired Emma to help work in the motel a few days out of the week. Norman is onto her plan to pair them up together, in hopes that something will happen. Norman accuses Mother of thinking that Bradley is too good for him and not understanding that they're "together". She says that of course they're not because they don't even go out. He gets pissed and storms off.

Of course he shows up at Bradley's place. This is his moment to make it official. She's not happy to see him. At all. He thinks they should talk, and she keeps trying to brush him off but he insists. He tries to connect with her through their dead dad's. "What happened between us was real. I know how we feel about each other. I know we have a connection." It's the ultimate puppy-love speech. He tries to get her to break up with her boyfriend. She tells him that she doesn't feel the same way and that the sex is just something that happened. "I shouldn't have done it with someone like you." Ouch! He takes great offense and everything turns. He storms away and she grabs her coat to follow him.

He starts repeating the words that Mother said to him about what kind of girl shows up on his doorstep...but he's not saying it to her. She hasn't even caught up to him yet.When she finally does catch up he looks her dead in the face and says, "I don't think you're a nice girl." She hugs him, for some reason. He's dead in behind his eyes. She apologizes but the damage has been done. He starts to cry and then leaves her.

Jake comes to see Mother in the office. He then asks when they open and asks about reservations. He tells her that it's hard to get good word-of-mouth out for a new business. He offers to tell his other "sales" companions about the place. She is very grateful. He then asks to have the same business arrangement that he had with Keith. It's more than just room 9. He would need the entire block of rooms for the first week, every other month. She is giddy about that opportunity. He would pay in cash and they would clean up their rooms themselves so there would be no need to come in and do it herself. Red flags should be going off in her head! She asks if it's anything illegal and when he laughs her off they seal the deal. Gross. Come on, Mother! Get your head outta your ass!

Norman is about to get home when he sees Juno, the dog across the street, but then the dog runs towards him just as a car comes. The dog gets hit and he is beside himself. He picks up the lifeless body. "I'm taking it to Emma's dad, he can fix dead things." He starts screaming at Mother and she's afraid he'll trigger into his killer phase. He apologizes and says he was wrong about everything. Mother wraps him in a big hug, and all I can think is, that he's still holding onto the dead dog while she's hugging him. Eww...

Next week Mother gets a call about Norman's behavior at school.  Jake confronts Mother about her knowledge of what was going on when Keith ran the motel. He wants to know where Mother hid "it". Jake gets confrontational and it is clearly going to be another crazy episode next week! I can hardly believe how much ground this show has covered in the 7 episodes we've seen so far! They don't drag their feet on anything for this show. It's insane!

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