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Face Off - Heroic Proportions

Previous on Face Off the artists made goblin kings from different regions. Anthony reigned Supreme Little Darling, Freaky has weird hair which I now realize is just an overly long mo-hawk that scatters wildly about his head, Autumn bugs the crap out of me, and Troy sadly got sent home.

The artists find an envelope in the kitchen telling them to take a ticket and meet Mac in San Diego for Comic Con. JEALOUS! My boyfriend regularly reminds me of how much of a nerd I really am, despite how much I tried to prove him wrong in our early days together. But I've fully embraced my nerdery now. And I would love to go to Comic Con. The purists would probably hate on me for not wanting to go for the actual comic book portion, which was the original intent. But hey, I don't think there's any one of those comic book fans that would turn down an opportunity to see their favorite actors in their favorite nerd show. Moving on. Not Hugh Laurie's House tells us that Comic Con is for pretty much every genre of fandom out there.

We get random shots of people in cosplay. I don't know if I'd have the guts to go in costume. But I feel like the people that don't go in costume are the ones that are weirdos. I'm not even sure WHICH costume I'd go with. There are so many! I'd probably end up going in some sort of Winchester fashion for my love of Supernatural  (stay tuned for recaps of it!). We meet Mac in not one of her best dresses, it needs a belt or something, and she's standing with these super famous guys:
Just kidding. I had no idea who they were, and you probably didn't either. If you did, go buy yourself a cookie and say it was from me. But nothing expensive because I'm pretty poor. The non-Asian guy created comics like Green Lantern, All Star Superman, and All Star Batman, named Dan. The other guy created Justice League, All Star Batman and Robin, and Superman For Tomorrow, named Jim Lee. I didn't realize that there were so many All Star versions. And how different can All Star Batman be from All Star Batman AND Robin. I mean really...

Meagan, who is not a favorite of mine, tells us this isn't her challenge because it's not one of her strongest genres. Foreshadowing for epic failures on her behalf? One can only hope. I guess it's asking too much of these artists to actually come up with their own sketches for the pieces, so DC sent in some pros to help create their idea into a more manageable sketch? I kind of call bullshit on this. But I guess it gets the DC people out of their cubes. Jim Lee tells the artists the winning design will appear in an upcoming issue of one of the comics. I'd be pretty excited if I was one of them. Autumn tells us, in her best Jersey accent, that her daughter loves Wonder Woman so this would be very exciting for her to win.

This is an individual challenge, which is a little surprising this early in the competition. They don't usually do that. Now I don't claim to be knowledgeable about comics, but there aren't really a lot of the concepts that sound like they'd make cool superheros. Freaky is rocking some man-liner. I want to like him, and I do, but come on guy. The look doesn't work for me. He's 39. Is man-liner allowed at 39, when you have a wife and child?

Meagan tells us her superhero is Freedom Fighter, and he is made of parts of the Twin Towers and is a defender of New York City. Really? That's a horrible idea. Awful. It also seems slightly offensive in some way. She's having some serious issues with her sculpt. She seems to spend the entire first day re-sculpting and every time the face looks like a cat or a bat. Continue that foreshadowing, Meagan, you're on your way down the toilet and off my computer. At least she admits that it looks awful. Not that it's going to help fix her issue, which is her entire concept.

Assorted sculpting around the room. Alam is making Glass Man, very original name. She's making these huge shards of glass to stick all over her guy. Being so young and fresh out of school, I feel like she's underestimating the weight of those pieces.

Meagan really literally has everyone from the lab come over and give her advice. No. Go away. We see Anthony sculpting a chest and a back piece that look awesome. It's a lot of work. I hope it works out for him. Jenna seems to be going mainly with a mask piece and a huge set of wings to go with her superlady. Meagan discovers that her face was missing a jaw. Not HER face, but the clay was missing a jaw. That would be weird if she had no jaw on fer own face. Wolverine is making a horrid mask thing for his character. Remember how he said he wanted to separate himself from his brother Matt from season 2? No problem guy, you are doing a great job, because Matt was actually really talented. You're awful.

Freaky is doing this thing where he's exposing some of the internal organs. He may wear man-liner, but guy guy's idea is really cool. He's also planning on having the lungs function. I love when they do that kind of stuff. It takes an extra little know-how.

Alam is suddenly realizing, "I don't know the materials well." This is why being young bites you in the ass. This is one show where experience really can pay off in spades. Assorted working shots. Wolverine's mask is still not working. We're on day 2 out of 3. You really need to abandon this idea and come up with plan b. Boring Guy puts way too much silicone in his mold and is scooping it out like a chick that just had an internal sonogram and is scooping out the lube. Not pleasant. Count yourself lucky dudes. Wolvie comes up with a sort of plan b and is moving forward much faster than he was.

Anthony is getting worried he did too many pieces in too big of scale. Don't fail me now Anthony! Katie tells us she is making a mask for her character and she wants it to look "home made, like my character made it." I'm pretty sure that's never something that you should do. Not in this context. You're supposed to make the best pieces you can come up with, not half-assed stuff.

Day 3. Models arrive. Anthony is still running his application! Oh no! He's behind. The pieces aren't fitting into the mold well. Autumn's model has been on the last 2 seasons that I can recall. I don't really recognize any of the others. Alam can't get the huge heavy glass shards to stick and stay onto her model. She doesn't know if she's using the wrong glue. I personally don't think any amount of glue is going to keep that thing on.

Anthony's mold is suctioned stuck, he smashes one of his finger, and can't get the mold open. So he has to completely abandon the piece. Holy shit. That was a ton of work he put into that chest and back. I feel horrible for him. It's not looking good for my boy. Time is called.

Last looks time! Alam's model walks up to her, holding the piece that had apparently somehow managed to stay on his back just long enough to fall off on the walk from the lab to the set.
Seriously, how did she think that was gonna stay on? Why didn't she use that It looks nice, but damn , that's a lot of glass. She'll be lucky if that shit stays attached. Meagan's arm pieces of Twin Tower are falling off so she literally duct tapes them to his arm. Wait till Battlefield Earth sees THAT! If you haven't seen his face, this is Glenn.
He looks just like John Travolta's character in the Scientology story movie Battlefield Earth. It's hilarious. He's so over dramatic about stuff and takes it all so seriously. He's trying a little too hard to be the dick. Maybe I should show the other judges as well. Meet Ve.
And Neville.
No guest judge this week. That seems super odd, considering what the prize is. I would've assumed someone from DC would be there as a judge. Let's see what they came up with! But first!

 What in the holy hell is she wearing?! No adult should own a lipstick that is that color. Plus she made herself super pale. There's so much wrong going on. She's giving me fuel for my hate-fire. Burn it, burn it with fire!

Michael came up with Elijah. Sorry the full length picture isn't very good. The guy kept doing jumps and flips and moving his arms about. It was hard to get a still snapshot. His superhero is supposed to suck in all the plagues and illness of the world and spew them back out at evil, or something. What about herpies? Cause that shit is forever. The mask turned out pretty bad. And the rest is pretty much all just robes. One of his hands has a glowy red light and some puke green paint from The Exorcist, but that's it.

Boring Guy (who's crafty and spells his name with a K instead of the traditional CH) gives us Orion X. I'm not gonna lie, I don't remember what he said his power was. I don't know if he had any. It's not a very good design or costume. It's boring, like it's creator.

Wayne gave us Solarian. The application isn't very well done on his face. There's a pretty huge edge that you can see by his ear. The judges are kind of wishy-washy about edges. Sometimes they're really focused on them, and sometimes they totally let it side. It's not bad, but it's not super amazing either. Safe.

Anthony made The Infernal Core. I like the head piece and the arms, but the chest piece is really missing. I hope the judges aren't too harsh with him. I have to give him credit with making an executive decision right away and going with a different option instead of putting out total garbage. I like the way the head splits at the top.

Oh Meagan. What a disaster. I had to include that extra picture to show you that she literally just duct taped that shit on. Battlefield will have, wait for it...a field day! Boom! Honestly though, it's just awful. All of it. From concept to paint, to costume, to the name. All bad. Bottom for sure.

Not Hugh Laurie's House, I gotta say, eww. I am not a fan. It feels sloppy to me. I don't really get a superhero out of this character at all. Maybe like a weird sci-fi accident victim, but I guess that's where superheros tend to come from. As my friends like to say with arrogance, "It's not for me." It feels messy.

Autumn made Mercury Ray. She does something with absorbing the suns heat and projecting it out from within. The paint job looks purely amateur. And, did she somehow manage to give her female model a penis? "She's got panties on the outside, she's got a cape, she's got everything DC is looking for in a superhero right nawh" is what she tells us. Nope. Wrong. She'll be safe.

Alam failed. Dark Shard should be called Dark Shart. Her character has NO costume, a few cool spikes coming out of his head, and some spikes on his arms and shins. That's it. It's a fail. Go home. Get your diploma that's probably just getting to your mailbox now, and watch the rest of the show with the rest of us at home. Bottom.

Alex made H2Ohelia. Kind of a dumb name and I don't even remember what she said her powers were and I've watched it 3 times now. And a bad application the neck piece. You can completely see the edges. The pain job isn't horrible, but I hate that H2O is painted on the chest like it's the superman logo. It's not really a logo, it's just letters. There's no structure to them at all. Alex really seems to enjoy the lighting on the set. This is the second week in a row she's mentioned how great her piece looks, "under these lights". They're not magic Alex. They're just lights.

Jenna made Silversight. Those wings are pretty cool. I thought she was gonna go all white feathers, but I like the darkness to them. The mask is passable but ultimately forgettable. Overall that's how I feel about the whole piece. Just eh.

Meet ReVolt, because that's what this design is. Revolting. Ha, I'm clever and witty! Are you laughing, cause you should be. That was super original. His powers are that he can shock people. The mask looks homemade, and that's the problem. It's cool his fingers light up, but it's overall bad. Plus if he wore that cod piece the other way, a boner would be a real problem!

Contagion is Zygotes creation. He's super blah. The concept was good, and I guess it's a good throwback feel to the '60s comic superheros. It just feels underdeveloped. There's no real powers that are discussed, but he has some huge arm so I feel like a chemical experiment or something is involved.  Battlefield wouldn't be happy that the model can't see. Unless, he can, in which case I retract my statement. It kind of reminds me of that blue guy from Hellboy that swims in the water and is super smart, voiced by David Hyde Pierce, but if he was on land.

Freaky rocked this shit. Dick Gritty was left for dead by bad guys and he then came back and healed up enough to come back and take his revenge on the crime bosses. When the guy came out he was all covered up and then he took off the pieces to reveal a master piece. Check out those lungs. They really did breath. It all looks authentic and awesome. As much as I love me some Anthony, I think this one wins hands down. Awesome all over this apartment!

The judges come around to get a closer look. Nothing really drastic is revealed until they get to Alam.

Alam seems surprised that they wouldn't take a closer look and see that the back of her piece is a complete shit hole. The piece didn't make the cut, so she sent him out there with nothing. It's a travesty. Is she ready to go home yet? Battlefield Earth actually says, "What happened to this guy!" It's incomplete. Awful. The rest of the closer look is uneventful. But you can see the shock on his face.

Katie, Not Hugh Laurie, Meagan, Freaky, Anthony, Wolverine are the best and worst. I object, sir! I call horse, bull, and chicken shit! How is Alam safe!? Her piece wasn't even finished! It was a body suit with a few spikes on his head! And the body suit didn't even fit well! Garbage. Someone else is standing up there as the bottom worst, shitting their pants, when she should be there instead. For shame!

House is up first. Top or bottom? My guess is bottom. But I'm wrong. Somehow this is in the top. The judges really like the pieces in the head and the metal. Flabbergasted. Top.

Meagan is up. So help me, she better be in the bottom. When she describes the pieces on his arms, Ve tells her they look like TV controllers with gaffers tape around them. Ouch! Ve also says she's worried about her sculpting abilities. Battlefield agree, but he likes the neck piece she created. Bottom.

Freaky next. He doesn't get much of a review, other than Ve says how much she loves it. Neither of the men comment on it. Top.

Wolverine explains his the concept of the mask and Battlefield Earth asks him if the mask is supposed to be like an ancient plague doctor. Wolvie says yes, and then Battlefield says he was unsuccessful. Ve thinks he just wasted time. Maybe he was dickin around. Bottom.

Anthony's up. Ve says that they've seen a lot of this type of design and this is one of the first times it's truly successful. Whew! We're outta the woods! I was pretty nervous for him when the chest and back piece didn't work out. Neville likes the silhouette with the plan b chest piece. Glenn "adores" the coloring on the arms. Seriously. Battlefield Earth said he adores something. Top.

Katie. She says he's a vigilante, homemade hero, punk rock, superman. Wow. He's not really any of those. Except homemade. Neville is worried about her ability to create realistic anatomy, saying hers just looks dis-formed. Battlefield thinks the "jugalo-tiki mask" looks like it belongs at a Halloween frat party. Bottom.

Judges repeat themselves in deliberations. I personally think that Alam should've replaced Katie. Yes Katie's was bad, but an unfinished piece is way worse to me. I want Freaky to win this one. I think he did an amazing piece.

And the winner is...

Anthony. I'm both happy and sad. I love that Anthony keeps racking up the wins, but I feel like Freaky's was better. I feel like he's gonna do well in plenty of other challenges.

And the person going home is...

Wolverine. I'm glad. He just didn't stand up with any talent in this competition. He was in the bottom last week as well. I'm happy to see him go. I'm still pissed Alam wasn't called out for her lack of costume and for her shitty work that was ON the piece. Boo hiss.

So what did you guys think? Did the right person go home? Am I being overly harsh on Alam? Did Anthony deserve the win? We'll see you next week when the artists create demons.

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