Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome to Rehab

I was always told, "You watch too much TV". And yes, I do admit, I watch way more TV than what is probably considered normal. But I enjoy the hell out of it. I love watching both highly acclaimed television, as well as horrible TV dribble that should probably not even be on the air. I love it all. Some people put on their music as a way to have background noise. It's always been TV and movies for me. There's something always on my screen. This is my way of reaching out to my fellow addicts. Join me as we sit through horrible judging panels, witty banter between beloved characters, and hate-watching our most/least favorite shows. My addiction probably won't go away, but at least I'll have company with me while I enjoy the buzz.

This coming week will be start out with some new seasons of Project Runway, Top Gear (the British version, and the only one that really counts in my book), and Ru Paul's Drag Race. I like a pretty wide variety of shows. I'll try to cover all of the ones I follow. I apologize in advance if they're not shows that are up your alley, but hey, it's my blog. It probably will sadden me as I post all of the shows to see how many I actually watch. But then I'll wrap myself tighter in my blanket, eat more of my air popped popcorn (a new trend in my household) and soldier on. I also apologize for starting these recaps mid-season. But, the inspiration took this long to hit. Sorry.

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