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Girls - I Get Ideas

I have to start out by saying that I don't know why I like this show. I started to watch it because it was getting all kinds of hype that it was going to be this innovative show by this super young girl. So I tuned in for all of season 1. And I couldn't decide if I loved it or hated it. It's a hate-watch. I love the fact that someone is trying to show what being young and a little aimless is really like, but as a Midwestern girl, I can't fully connect with the way these girls live in Brooklyn/Manhattan. Let's dive into the episode.

Previously we met Hannah's new boyfriend, Sandy (the only African American character so far), who's also a Republican. Hannah also broke up with crazy boyfriend Adam. Hannah and her ex, who turned out to be Gay, Elijah are now living together since Marnie couldn't stand living with Hannah anymore. Shoshanna (who's name is too long and annoying to type every time, shall now be called Shosh) hooked up with Ray, her cherry-popper, despite her claims to being cool with it. Jessa is back from her honeymoon with Thomas John.

We start out by seeing Adam sending her a sad YouTube clip of himself singing her songs. I personally see it as creepy. Then again, I've never received one myself. Maybe once you get one, it's not weird? I had to laugh at the fact that I believe they just used Lena Dunham's real email address, because her inbox says she has 12,481 new emails. I highly doubt a normal early 20-something girl, no matter how many guys she blows, is that popular.

We see Hannah and Sandy brushing their teeth together in Hannah's bathroom. They have cute aren't-we-the-cutest-couple banter in the mirror. Then Elijah walks in and is immediately unhappy with the situation. He starts a passive aggressive fight about how he wants to make sure Sandy is comfortable being that close to a queen. I found the fight to be pretty realistic. While this generation doesn't shy away from political discussion, they also don't always go about it in the most adult way. Not that many adults go about it the right way either...perhaps my point is moot. They growl at each other like cats that are pissed at each other and then Sandy leaves, making Elijah feel victorious for being liberal, gay and fabulous.

Marnie walks into the newest place she's squatting, Shosh's place. She finds her in bed with Ray having a strange conversation about washing baby pigs. It's weird. She walks in and says, "I don't really want to be around people who don't hate everything in their life right now." Well said. The last thing you want to see when you're pissed at the world, is someone who's in love with it. She goes on to explain that she just had an job interview where the interviewer told her straight up that she knows she's not right for a job in the art world, and she doesn't really know what kind of job she would be right for in any world. So they decide she should get a "pretty person" job. But not a model. Clearly Marine's no model. They're words not mine.

Cut to Jessa and Thomas-John in his/their apartment with her painting him. Hannah shows up and it's hugs and kisses and "I missed you so much! How are you! You're amazing"'s all around! I must say this because it burns me up inside. Chris O'Dowd, God love you for giving us Roy in The IT Crowd (HIGHLY recommend you check this show out. Netflix streaming.) but please stop trying to do an American accent. Stick with your true Irish roots. No one cares if you're not American. We prefer it that way. Or at least, I do. When he talks, it's a Minnesota/Wisconsin accent. And a bad one. And it's offensive to my Wisconsin roots! Rant-over.He goes to leave for work and gets all kissey-face with Jessa. And Hannah does one of those awkward I-don't-know-where-to-look-because-it's-weird-to-watch-my-friends-kiss faces.

He gives his new bride Jessa 3 puppies as a gift. I'm more of a cat person, so my thought would be, "Holy shit, what am I gonna do with these!" But the girls are full of glee over the "fetus sized" puppies. They take them to the park and chat about Hannah's life. Then, Hannah does this:
All I could think was, "Damn, those nails on that dog would scratch the shit out of my boobs!" Goes to show you my priorities I guess. Jessa isn't my favorite, and I feel like she was gone for most of the action, so she didn't add much to the episode for me.

Hannah has given an essay to Sandy to read and give her feedback on. He's been telling her he's so busy that he hasn't found time to read it. Jessa tells Hannah that it's bullshit he hasn't read it and that if he really cared about her, he would make time to read it. She has a point. So Hannah is making out with Sandy and chooses this is the time to ask if he's read it. He says no, but then she calls him out saying he if cared he would read it right away. He says he's read it, and that it wasn't for him. They then go on to have an "open conversation" about a variety of things. I have to say that an open conversation is only ever a good thing for one person in that conversation. And it's the one who's in control, or feels they're in control of the conversation. Hannah felt like she was at first, which is why she called it an open conversation. It ends up getting into how they're too politically different and they shouldn't be friends. Sandy lays into her for being a hipster, without actually saying the word hipster. Saying of course she would do this, have a fixie bike, dating a black guy, wearing ironic clothes. And it made my soul rejoice. Hipsters annoy the crap out of me. And I loved that he called her out. Yay Sandy! It ends with Hannah saying, "Do you still want to have sex? Because I was afraid you had blue balls, and that's not something I believe in either." An odd way to end a fight, but ok for some people, I guess.

We find out Marine at the door with Elijah answering. I forgot to mention that they had sex in the last episode. 3 pump sex, as Elijah says to his now ex, George. It was an awkward scene for sure. Elijah has forbidden Marnie from telling Hannah about the sex, since it would only hurt Hannah and she has paper thin skin anyways. Marine comes to the door wearing this:
Elijah says, "You look like a slutty VonTrapp child". Well said, sir. She goes on to tell Hannah that she's really excited about this job and that she'll be perfect for it. It sounds more like she's trying to convince herself that she's not going to hate herself in the morning for taking this job. She says it pays like $400 a night. Shit! I could use a job that pays like that! Then again, my rent isn't insanely ridiculous. It's all about cost-of-living, right?

Hannah is watching a YouTube clip in bed of how-to cut your own bangs. Terrifying! If I tried that myself, I'd be either bleeding from cutting myself, or shamefully staying at home for fear of garbage being thrown at my monster-like hair. Adam texts her that he's downstairs. So she turns off her light and scoots down into bed. He then texts her he saw her turn off her lights. She she gets scared and calls out Adam's name. He pops into the door fame. Damnit, guy! Don't do that. I'm the biggest chicken ever when it comes to scary stuff. And pop-ups have a 100% success rate in causing me to scream. Not to mention the guy is weird as well. He tells her that as a man, he can't let her take away his manliness by denying him what he wants or some bullshit. He gets a little stalker and rape-y. She goes to get him a glass of milk, because for some reason that's what he wants after a breaking and entering (with a key). Hannah dials 911 but then chickens out and hangs up before they answer. He comes in close like he's going to kiss her and take his way with her. And then they run around the kitchen table when he outright tells her that she can't make him leave. When he finally gets the message, after being shoved a few times that she wants him to go away, he does. Then, the cops show up. What??
Isn't that kind of the joke about New York? That even when you do call them, they don't show up? I sort of had this happen to me once. I was watching my baby cousin with my Mom, and he started to choke. My mom dialed 911, and as it was ringing she got whatever food was stuck out. So she hung up. 911 called back and asked if everything was ok. We lied and said one of the kids accidentally dialed it. Oops. Don't put me in jail! The cops apparently look up that Adam has 2 overdue parking tickets and a charge for not showing up for a summons on a public urination charge. So they haul him away while Hannah says that she's sorry.

Good for Hannah for continuing to stand up to the beast that IS Adam. He creeps me out, not a fan. Are you happy that Sandy and Hannah broke up? Do you think Marnie really is happy with her new job? Do you wonder what it would feel like to wash a baby pig? 'Til next time!

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