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Face Off - Alien Apocolypse

Greetings Addicts! We are down to the final 4 and with the finale one episode away, the pressure is on. We have Freaky, Anthony, Boring Kris, and Slow Wayne. Last week's episode was pretty great. They created mummies with an Evil Dead vibe. Not Hugh-Laurie's-House was sent home. Honestly, I'm surprised he made it this long. Apparently they have their own Last Chance Kitchen bullshit going on, but that only gets the person a chance to compete next season. So we're sort of spared. Onto the new episode.

Anthony is worried because he was sure he was going home last week. There's no way they were going to send someone of his caliber home. House had barely made an impression and Anthony was killing it left and right. They walk into the lab and there's huge monitors next to her. She tells them that there's a new series on SyFy about humans and aliens living together after years of war. Up on the screens are 6 different species that inhabit the planet. They have to take 2 of them and create their offspring. Freaky is all about the mutant because it's creepy and very typical of his work. As the artists pick, all the ones he wants get picked, so he's left with only NONcreepy-zombie looking aliens. Boo, hoo, guy. This is your job, you should be able to do more than one genre.

As an added bonus the guys will get to fly to Toronto to tour the set of Defiance. But apparently due to "family issues" Freaky is unable to go with them. Mac says nothing is wrong and everything is ok, but Freaky can't go. What's that about? Maybe he had some passport maybe he didn't have one? It's never explained. Either way, the other 3 head to Canada.

They walk around and meet one of the actresses and then go and watch some of the make up being applied and some filming. In a very far reaching way, it sort of reminds me of Firefly, and my heart still weeps. I'd much rather see them make Reavers than these weird alien hybrids.

Boring Kris has Bioman and Mutant. None of these characters look exciting. But maybe I'm just mean and have a higher standard than Syfy can provide me. Yeah I sounded like a big snob there, but oh well.

Anthony has Liberata and Mutant. He seems pretty excited.

Slow Wayne has Liberata and Bioman. And it looks boring already. This is so unfortunate because last week was so cool.

Freaky is already whining that he has the 99er and Sensoth and that it's nothing he wants to do. He keeps saying he's making Harry the Henderson. He's bugging me. Just deal with it, man. You do awesome work, but it definitely is one note. Show the judges you can do anything. He even is walking around and seeing how much he wants to have the other pieces rather than his own. Even the other artists are seeing that this is the first time he's not in his real groove.

The artists are all making some huge sculpts and pieces. I see this hurting some of them. Daddy Mac comes in to give his advice. He stops first with Anthony and Daddy suggests that he use oversized pants to keep the size proportions correct. He moves onto Slow Wayne and suggests that he carry the heft through the shoulders. Boring Kris gets advised to thin out the laytex in the neck so his model can move his neck better. Freaky's tip is "keep going". That's not very helpful.

Freaky decides that at the end of the day he's actually liking his piece. Good. I can stop listening to constant complaints. Day 2 the goal for everyone is to have their molds made so that they don't have to run appliances on the day of application. Freaky gets a little bit personal talking about his family. That's never a good sign.

Anthony decides to call his piece done earlier than everyone else and starts molding, but he's the only one on time. Everyone else is running behind. I feel like cleaning the clay out of the mold would be the most annoying part. The reason the artists don't want to have to wait til tomorrow is then they're only option is poly-foam instead of foam laytex. And the foam doesn't move as well. By the end of the day, everyone but Anthony is realizing they aren't going to have a choice, they're going to have a big poly-foam party tomorrow and run their pieces together. It always amazes me how dirty they are when they leave the lab.

Welcome to the foam party! The models have arrived and they get to wait and watch Anthony paint his already run application. Wayne is happy with his piece when the piece comes out. Kris is in trouble because his chest piece ripped in down the middle. He says he takes "dental dam" to connect it. Umm...I hope I'm just not familiar with the special effects term that that refers to. Freaky's piece comes out easily and looks good.

Wayne, once again, has no paint on his piece when we get to last looks. How has this guy survived so long while doing ALL his painting in last looks. This is probably the 5th time this has happened to him. I'll be surprised if he makes it to the finale. His piece looks not even remotely passable. The seams are all horrible. Everyone's pieces (except Anthony's) looks pretty terrible.

Judging time! Battlefield Earth, Ve, Neville and our guest judge is the director and producer of Defiance, Michael Nankin. It makes sense for him to be the judge.
Wayne first:

It doesn't look as terrible as I thought it would. But it definitely could be a lot better with a better, more in depth paint job. And the bottom half feels forgotten. He doesn't even have shoes on. I do like the nose.

Anthony next.

I like it. It looks polished and complete. The piece looks believable for the show. I also like the little tufts of hair he applied.

Boring Kris.

Well, it looks gross. so if that was what he was going for, mission accomplished. It's too shiny for me. I'm not a fan.


It's a little Planet of the Apes to me. And it's pretty boring. It looks like a hodge podge of pieces, not a cohesive look.

Wayne is up first for a critique. The judges are sort of wishy washy on the piece. They give him compliments on the sculpt of the face and the hybrid of the characters, but shame him on his painting. The director seems to like the piece.

Anthony is up next and the judges clearly love it. They think he looks exactly like he should, the hair and the size of his character. Battlefield is impressed, he says.

Boring Kris's gross blob walks forward to be judged. Neville likes the vibe of the character and says he's scary and off putting but that it's appropriate for the environment. BE gives him grief for the anatomical errors. Ve loves him, errors and all. I'm so confused! He's so gross, and not in a good way.

Freaky's ape is next. The director tells the judges that the apeness of the Sensoth is actually a descendant of the apes so it works. Battlefield gives his seal of approval. Ve can't looks passed the hair and doesn't like it. Neville is neither here nor there on the piece.

The artists come back after deliberation and the first person to make it to the finale and the winner is...Anthony! Of course. That wasn't even a question. He clearly was the stand out. He also wins a chance to shadow the special effects artists on the show Defiance. That's a pretty nice cherry on his sundae. The next person in is...Boring Kris. WHAT?! He was my pick to be out. So now, I'm going to be annoyed with either of the remaining two being sent home. The final person in the finale is...Slow Wayne. I'm not joking. I wish I was. Freaky has done so much better work than Wayne OR Kris all season. This is clearly now Anthony's win. Neither of those two can compete against him. Freaky was the only competition for him. The judges wish him well and tell him how much they love his work. He actually gets teary and emotional.

I can't blame him. As talented as Anthony is, I think Eric Fox wanted this much more than anyone else. It wasn't just a win for him, it was for his family. Everyone gives him hugs and he tries to be strong, but I can see he's hurt. He's not bitter and he's not shady. He may look a little extreme, but he's a sweetheart and a professional. He'll do great things, I'm sure someone will pick him up for a feature film.

That's all this week. Next week is the finale. We've seen in the previews that at some point models would be swimming under water, and since it hasn't happened yet, it's obviously happening in the finale. They've been dancing in the finales since the first season so swimming will be a new challenge. And if Wayne doesn't get his paint on in time, I see that pool getting pretty colorful.

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