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Project Runway - The Art of Fashion

Happy Easter, Addicts! I hope you're enjoying your colored eggs, cornucopia of chocolate and your ham dinners. Last week we had our Lord & Taylor challenge in which Layana and Richard refused to talk to each other. Daniel had some sort of mental breakdown with Michelle. Stanley and Water Lily are mean to each other. Michelle won the challenge, having her piece reproduced and sold at Lord & Taylor stores. Samantha was sent home as the scape goat to keep the drama of Richard around.

The women are awake at 5:30 in the morning and Layana is complaining that Richard stayed while Samantha was kicked off. She remarks that Richard has been in the bottom 3 times in a row now. That's pretty shocking, that the judges haven't said anything yet. Michelle thinks that Samantha's piece was in fact the worst, but based on past challenges, Richard was the worse of the two. But that's not how this show works, girl. It's week to week. As long as it's convenient anyways. The girls are all done with Richard's jersey color-blocked dresses. The girls want the new teams to be girls vs boys. That would be interesting.

Heidi comes out in sparkles. She asks why none of the designers are smiling. Probably because they're mentally drained at this point. And they don't get to go home and have coconut water pumped into their system with an IV with all kinds of staff to do everything for them. And they're success depends on this show, unlike yours, Heidi. She tells the designers that they're going to be able to push the boundaries with this new challenge. They are to meet Tim somewhere and he will explain the rest.

The Guggenheim museum is their location to meet Tim. My sister and I tried to find the Guggenheim when we were in New York together, but there is another building called the Guggenheim for some reason, in Korea Town. We got lost. Back to Sir Gunn. The judges have decided to change up the teams and put them into pairs. So much for boys vs girls. First team is Stanley and Michelle. Both are very excited to work together since they haven't thus far. Richard and Water Lily are paired together and Richard is excited to access Water Lily's creative side. That leaves Layana and Daniel. They worked well together before, but Layana says that she likes Daniel, but she's not happy with him as a partner because she'll have to carry the team. She's pretty damned cocky. I'm over her. She's arrogant.

This is the HP challenge. Tim is forced to display how the device they're going to be using can transition from a laptop to a tablet. They are tasked to make 2 pieces. One of them is to be a work of wearable art, meaning big and dramatic, and the other is to be a scaled down ready-to-wear piece that is cohesive with the other look. They will also be making their own textile patterns. Yay! I love this challenge. I'm always very interested to see what the designers come up with.

The designers are the only people in the building. Jealous. They don't have to fight with huge groups of students running around and getting in the way.

Layana and Daniel find the piece they want to be inspired by. It's interesting. They are arguing over who gets to make the big work of art piece. Daniel is throwing out all kinds of ideas, and she's shooting down everything. Daniel concedes to do the ready-to-wear piece and let Layana run with her "idea".

This is the best/only angle that I get of the piece that Michelle and Stanley are working with. They are really working well together. They agree to make the art piece. They're the team to beat, in my opinion.

Water Lily has found her piece. Richard is totally discounted as a partner. Water Lily will obviously do the art piece because that's all she's capable of doing. They struggle to understand each other. It's rather painful to listen to. She keeps asking him what the shape of his dress will be. It's got to be based on YOUR design, so shouldn't you be spouting off about what your intention is? Don't put this all on him. You're supposed to be the star here! I hate her.

Time to design textiles! There are assorted craft items on a table for them to use as parts of their design as well. Mostly items that would help build up volume. I don't even know what I would come up with if I were challenged to make my own pattern. Michelle starts drawing a woman's face (what I had previously thought was Obama...uh that a SWAT van outside?) who is on the brink of madess. She says she can relate to this woman, right now in her life. Stanley is 100% on board. Richard and Water Lily make triangle based designs while Layana comes up with a rectangular design.

Off too Mood. Richard tells us he's not even going down the jersey knit aisle. Layana is completely running her team. Stanley and Michelle are in perfect harmony. Richard asks the staff if they have plastic crystals. Water Lily is freaking out. I think, in this instance, she's allowed to. This is the second time he's tried to put crystals on a piece.

Tim comes in and tells the designer that the winner of this challenge will win $10,000 cash prize as well as the computer/device that designs the fabric. That's pretty exciting. That's a big win. Michelle says how great it is that they're team just goes and works, they don't have to sit down and talk about how they're going to work. Immediately after her interview, we hear Richard say to Water Lily, "Do you wanna sit down for like 5 minutes and talk about what we're going to do and how we're going to do it?" Ha. Those tow are speaking two different languages to each other. Richard keeps saying he's lost. At least they have more than 1 day to do this one. Layana is bossing Daniel around about how things are going. Layana says Daniel isn't a good partner because he's not helping her get out of this dark place she's in. Ugh. Groan.

The prints are in. Daniel keeps trying to give Layana high fives and hugs and she just brushes him off in an awkward way. Poor Daniel. As crazy as he went last challenge, I think he genuinely has good intentions. Richard has spent all day yesterday and part of today working on this bracelet.

Ok, Water Lily has a right to be annoyed that rather than spending time with her and getting inspiration for his own dress, he's making an accessory. "This is just a beautiful bracelet I made. Fashion was born this morning." Really? It's a piece of cardboard you covered in fabric. I bet it doesn't even walk the runway.

Layana is draping the printed fabric they made and she's basically taken the whole roll. There's less than 1 yard left in the back of the dress, and she doesn't want to give it Daniel. Layana is refusing to give him anything until she's done. Daniel coaxes her into it. It's still less than a full yard.

Water Lily tells Richard he shouldn't make a form fitted dress, because it's tired. Meanwhile, over on the other team that hates each other, Layana says that she's all sad faced. She's lost her inspiration and has changed the silhouette. We only see her change it once. She's in tears all day. She wants to win to pay off her student loans. You and me both, wench.

Tim visit time! When Michelle shows him the painting she did on the back of the jacket, he says it gives him chills.  He's excited about the print even though he was vary wary of it at the beginning. Ms. Know-It-All (Layana) says that Stanley's companion piece is boring and not innovative. She has something bitchy to say about everyone but herself. And maybe Michelle.

We move onto Richard and WL. She shows him how there are 3 levels to the dress and it's even confusing for Tim. That's a problem. Richard says how much he hates what he doing, without actually saying it. Tim can see how lost he is. He shows him the bracelet and Tim is confused when he had time to make the bracelet, and why he doesn't have a dress instead. Tim calls WL out that the whole thing is about her. He says he's worried about them and particularly about Richard. He calls a conspiracy theory, that Richard is trying to be bad so it can all fall on WL. Now she's got that in her head. Not helpful, Tim.These are the two that get the make-it-work moment spell from Tim.

Layana and Daniel get props on their print. Daniel once again claims he's going for young and sexy, which he has yet to achieve since the ping-pong challenge. He has once again made a jacket. With the same shoulders. He's a one-way-monkey as Dimitri from last season would call him. Tim gives Layana shit about how lack-luster her piece is since it's supposed to be the big dramatic piece. Tim offers her a hug.

Michelle feels bad. So they must legit be friends. Kind of make sense. As much as I love Michelle's designs, she's a mean girl. Layana is a mean girl. They're meant to be friends. Layana goes outside to cry some more. Dry it up, honey, no one cares.  She comes back in and still is crying. Daniel tames the beast. The tears come off as just whining anyways.

WL keeps calling Richard, Daniel. It's funny. Richard is not enjoying it. He's really not enjoying this experience. None of what's designed is his vision. You gave up power too early, friend.

Stanley and Michelle are making a dress out of bubble wrap. Sign me up. They're painting it black. They seem to be the only ones embracing the artiness of it.

Day of the runway. Pointless hair and make up descriptions are given so we can be beaten over the head with product placement.

Heidi is going very peek-a-boo, but I don't hate it. It's sexy without being obvious. Once again Zach Posen is missing. Rachel Roy is replacing him again. I'm fine with this. I think she should just be on the show. Our guest judge is Tracy Reese, a fashion designer.

Layana's piece is first.

It doesn't say "art" to me. It says over the top, but not really in a good way. After all those "tears" and this is what she presents. I think there may be more tears from her later.


It's cute. The jacket does look nice. But it also does make her look older. Not so old that the jacket is unwearable, but older. The skirt is whimsical, especially since he had such little fabric to work with.

Water Lily.

Oh, sweet Moses. What the hell is that?! It scares me, and not in a positive way. Call an exorcist, maybe. The print gets totally lost. I'm sure Heidi will love it though.


It's a mess. It's boring. And his model has an actual frown going on. That doesn't help your situation, dude. Sorry.


Amazing. A total winner, hands down. Except the head thing. I can do without that and it would be even better. Love it. I also love the painting down the back.


It's very pretty. It's not a silhouette I would normally like, but it works with that fabric.

Heidi says she's impressed with everyone, that this is what Project Runway is all about. Michelle and Stanley are up first. They describe their crazy person theory. Stanely, without prompting, thanks the judges for pairing him with Michelle. Rachel loves it, Nina thinks it's perfection, and Tracey loves it as well. They agree that it looks like a real collection. They love the bubble-wrap. Nina can't say enough nice things. If they are the winners, Michelle suggests that she say him and he says her and then it's even. They break down who did what, instead.

Richard and WL. WL says the word "tribal" in her description. That automatically means they're going to love it. Nina likes the idea that Richard tried to go for. Nina doesn't get harmony from the two pieces, and neither does Rachel. Heidi says she gave WL a really high score. Of course. She hates Richard's piece. Richard doesn't say WL is the worst, but he says the whole concept was hers.

Layana actually gives Daniel credit in helping her. He also gives her credit in return. Heidi says how much she loves Daniel's pieces. Nina loves his stuff as well. They keep giving accolades to the jacket and the tailoring. Do they know this means he's only ever going to make jackets now? Everyone can see Layana's struggle in the dress. Rachel says it's a mix of Scarlet O'Hara and Barbie. Daniel says that even though Layana helped him on his look he would like the win. Layana disagrees and says the dress that he produced was 50/50 and he shouldn't get the win.

Oh look, she's crying again. Any guesses why? Oh, because Daniel didn't give her enough credit for the work she did on his piece. She keeps saying 50/50 over and over again. Shut up! She says she feel betrayed.

Am I the only one blown away by Tracey's guns? Who does she think she is? Michone?

Stanley and Michelle are called the winning team, Stanley being named the winner. He has the most monotone celebration speech ever. He smiles, but there's no sparkle in those eyes. Dead faced. Is he a cousin of Emilio from last season?

Layana and Daniel are called safe. All that belly aching for NOTHING. WL has a loud outburst of tears as they call her name. She's called in. Of course she is. Richard was meant to go. He gives a wink and a gun to each of the other judges.

Hugs all around. I'm glad things don't have to be EVERYTHING anymore. They can just be beautiful garments.

Next week, the designers get to work on their own. I'm sorry, what? Just kidding. Sort of. They're going to get partners. Which means eliminated designers are coming back to the workroom! They have to create a celebrity editorial look for Marie Claire. Tu, Smantha, Richard, and Kate are visible for returning designers.

Til then!

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