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Face Off - Living the Dream

Welcome to the season finale, Addicts! We are down to Anthony, Slow Wayne, and Boring Kris. Last week, sadly, Freaky Eric Fox was eliminated. I was really banking on him making it to the finale. My favorite to win has always been Anthony, so I guess it was good news for me that Freaky got eliminated because he was the only real competition in my mind. However, as they show some of the previous work done by Slow Wayne and Boring Kris, I do have to admit that some of their stuff was pretty impressive.

The first thing we see is each of our artists coming into the kitchen and getting to Skype with their families. Anthony is talking to his parents while the other 2 are talking to their wives and kids (Kris is the only one with kids, but he's 41 so that's fine). Poor Anthony, no wife for you! And he's such a sweet guy! Or at least he seems like one in the hour long episodes I've seen him in.

To the lab! They walk in to tall poles in bright colors. The finale challenge will take place on the biggest stage yet, in Las Vegas at the Wynn. They will be working with the show at the Wynn called Le Reve: The Dream.

It's a show that takes place in a 1,000,000 gallon water tank with acrobats and gymnasts doing all kinds of flips and dives into the water. It looks pretty cool. My first question, of course, is how many of those athlete pee in that pool. The challenge is for the artists to create 2 looks. One is to be a dream thief and the other is the dreamer. The thief is after something the dreamer has. This means that their pieces have to be entirely waterproof. This is the clips we've been seeing for so long. Each of the artists have to pick a theme that's laid before them. Anthony gets to pick first, and he goes for sinister. Slow Wayne goes with supernatural. If that meant I got to have Jensen Ackles and/or Jared Padelecki in the show, I'd sign on immediately! Boring Kris picks ethereal.

Of course they won't be doing this alone, so they bring in the helpers. Freaky, House, Zygote, Meagan, Autumn and Alam walk in. I would go for Freaky first and then maybe take House. Anyone but Autumn. Slow Wayne gets to pick first and he goes with Freaky (good pick). Boring Kris is next and he picks House. Anthony then takes Zygote. It's pretty much going in order of last eliminated. In theory that makes perfect sense. On Project Runway they don't seem to ever figure that out. But there are usually bigger personality clashes on that show. Wayne picks Meagan and Boring Kris takes Alam. Ah! Leaving Anthony with Autumn. Poor guy, his team isn't going to help him much.

Slow Wayne comes up with a concept that his dreamer is growing wings and his thief is after the wings so he can fly back to heaven. Conceptually, that's pretty awesome. Anthony's thief has had his soul ripped out of his chest so he's going after the dreamer's soul. Not bad, but not that original. We don't really hear what Boring Kris's concept is. The artists are trying to keep things sleek and minimalist. That makes sense.They also can't cover the eyes, ears, mouth or nose.

House's back piece looks pretty awesome. Anthony for some unknown reason, gave Autumn responsibility to sculpt a face piece. I wouldn't have let her anywhere NEAR a sculpt at all. She would be purely on fabrication.

Daddy Warbucks and Mac come in for their final walk through ever. Maybe it's just me, and maybe it's a lot of editing, but it doesn't seem like he was THAT helpful over the season. Each of the artists goes on about how incredibly grateful they are for Dadd
y. I just don't get it. He's hardly been a Tim Gunn. Then again, no one is quite like Tim Gunn. Except maybe for RuPaul.

When they  come around to talk to Slow Wayne they're doing test painting on Meagan's arm. That seems like a good idea. They've glued on a piece of nose it looks like and colored her. They'll be able to see how well it stands up against water this way. Smart. But since it's Slow Wayne, chances are his piece won't have any paint on it anyways.

Anthony gets to his piece out of the mold and it has "second skinned" which means that there are air pockets that got in between the layers of the foam. There's also a very thick edge. With it being the finale, he wants to rerun it, but the mold was destroyed so he will have to re-sculpt. "You're gonna resculpt the face? Because of this? Patch it!" That's Autumn's response. And that, my dear, is why you aren't in the finale and he is. He wants his piece perfect. This is the last chance he has to make sure that everything is immaculate for a win. My hate for Autumn is refueled. Get out. You suck. I'd rather have Troy back. Remember how Troy was on the show? It's probably for the best that Anthony is redoing what Autumn did because it was going to look like crap. At least this way it's his look and design. So Anthony tells her to go mold the chest piece. And what does she do? She locks it. It won't open. Anthony could be screwed. If he has to bust the mannequin he won't have another chance to run it if it doesn't work. Somehow, they got it open.  

Boring Kris is having braids in his piece, so they are putting braids in Alam's hair and then leaving room for the hair to go through the bald cap. It's an interesting idea.

End of day. And onto Vegas. I haven't been to Vegas for a long time. Maybe it's time I revisit. It's a city that's by every definition a city of excess. They walk through their villa suite and it's like the whole upper level of the building. It's giant. It makes me want to go on a vacation so bad! No! I vowed no big vacations this year...but maybe just a small one...

They have 4 hours to apply the pieces and then 1 hour for last looks. The models arrive, and they're obviously the acrobats from the show and not our usual models. They said that the acrobats aren't used to wearing these types of appliances. So what do they wear normally? These are some athletic people. My bigger question, is how do decide that that will be your occupation?

Mac comes in and announces it's last looks. Once again, Slow Wayne is doing all his painting in last looks. This shouldn't be a surprise. It wouldn't be a true Slow Wayne piece if he had taken all the time he needed to do his painting. And TIME! The finalists are all thankful for their helpers and all equally nervous.

Mac comes out in an amazing sparkly dress. I want her wardrobe. I know I've said it before, but I have the PERFECT shoes for that dress! She's always so classy, and the best host I've ever seen.

Battlefield Earth came out in full formal attire for the event. I'm willing to bet that he's one of the nicest guys out there. But he tries so hard to portray a badass that it translates to ridiculous. I want to be Ve's friend. Neville doesn't really do much for me.

Boring Kris's ethereal pieces are up first.

I think he did an amazing job on the man. Everything looks sleek and finished. The woman looks sloppy and last minute. The lines are much cleaner on the man. I do like the color contrast though.

Anthony's sinister looks are amazing.

They both look like finished and complete looks. More importantly they look sinister. That thief is pretty damned creepy looking. They also look like they came from the same world, which is important.

Slow Wayne's pieces are up, and once again, they look under painted.

I had to show the wings on the woman because those are really the only interesting pieces on her at all. I think the sculpt on the man is impressive but it gets lost without the paint. Wayne even admits he's in trouble because of the paint. At that point, wouldn't you be resigning yourself to the fact that you lost?

The judges go up for a closer look and they love Boring Kris's man, both of Anthony's pieces and for some reason they love the veining that Wayne did. Battlefield and Ve debate about whether the horns in the back of Slow Wayne's thief should have gone back into the head. I agree with Ve that it was interesting that they buried back into the head.

If you want to watch the actual show that was performed, you can watch it here: It's a cool looking show. I wonder how much the tickets were, and if there's a splash zone. I get that it's cool that it's a 1,000,000 gallon tank, but really...they can't possibly go down that deep, and the tank is pretty damned deep. It all adds to the spectacular aspect, i guess.

All of the make ups hold up. Nothing falls off of anyone. Everyone's paint stayed on, there was no bleeding. So in that respect, all the artists are successful in that. I think we've only seen it once when a piece broke or ripped during the final dance number.

Boring Kris is up first for a critique. He says that the thief is incapable of dreaming so he goes after the dreamer who has beautiful dreams, hence the beautiful colors. They loved his silver color choice. They loved the sculpt. Nothing bad is said.

Anthony next. He gets compliments on the coloring and the paint job. They love how he could make his female look as feminine as she did while there was nothing overly female about her character. "She looked very natural".

Slow Wayne gets props for his sculpt. Neville says he could see some wrinkles and aging that felt real. I also just realized we didn't have an aging challenge this season. They didn't do a lot of things that they normally do in previous seasons. I'm not sure what to do with that. No one got any criticism. I'm assuming that is because it's the finale episode and they want them each to think they have a fighting chance. I'm putting my vote in place now, like I did back in episode one, this is Anthony's win. Neither of the other artists had both pieces look outstanding and amazing.

They judges agree that it was close, but they do have a winner picked out. Battlefield goes through and acknowledges the positive things that each of the artists did. The winner is...

I KNEW IT! It's so exciting for him. Yet, there was no real way any one else was going to compete with him. He was clearly the best. He remains to be humble and wonderful and sweet. Seriously, how is this guy not married? I think I know someone who will scoop him up, and I don't mean me.

Well! That's it, Addicts. Thus ends another season of Face Off. I'm sure season 5 is right around the corner though. Season 4 came very shortly after 3. In case anyone was following, Zygote won Face Off Redemption. That means he won his way back onto season 5, so if you were a fan of Zygote, you'll get to see more! I was surprised. I think he was just a little too young, and given more time to get more experience, he could be a big contender. I just hope they're not going to push him through to be the winner purely because he won Redemption. That would be stupid.

Until season 5!

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