Monday, April 22, 2013

Bates Motel - Ocean View

Goood Eeeevening, Addicts! Previously on our creep-fest we saw that Emma was out sick. Bradley’s dad died and she wore ridiculous sunglasses. Dylan convinced Norman to go out and be a normal 17 year old and ended up having sex with Bradley. Mother and Shelby continue to have a little trist while Romero arrested Mother for the murder of Keith.

Isn’t that a bit pervy? She’s supposed to be what, all of 16? Come on, A&E! That’s just wrong. Norman dresses and then faux touches her head. He never does quite, he just sort of touches the air around her head. More proof that he’s a rotter. He walks home and can’t help but have a, “I got laid!!” smile on his face. Dylan is having a bowl of cereal and is there with a full marching band to congratulate him. Ha. Just kidding. He tells Norman that Mother is in jail. His sexy-face just fell to the floor.  My boyfriend, Fusk as he shall now be known, pointed out that every instance where Norman chooses to leave Mother and have a life moment on his own, something terrible happens to her. A keen observation, Mr. Fusk had.

They go see her in prison and ask how they can help. Her bail is set at $100,000. Dylan says they can use the motel as collateral. Mother gets all pissy and tells them to just leave her alone because this matter will obviously just solve itself. She then gets a crazy dinosaur rage in her and screams at them to leave.

Crazy dinosaur rage, embodied. Norman says he wants to help her but she just turns her head and ignores him.

Norman is now scouring through paperwork in the office, trying to find the deed to the motel. Emma pops her head in. She said she heard about Mother and that she’s sorry because “damn that’s gotta suck.” I like her. She says he’s welcome to come and stay with her and her dad. He finds the deed and Emma offers to take him to the bail bondsman.

Dylan is walking with Ethan towards their pot-watching-post and asks if their bosses would possibly give him an advance of $5,000 so he can get his own place for him and Norman. Ethan laughs him off and says that’s not really an option and he’s now seen what happens to the people that owe them money. Dylan says he’ll figure it out.

Shelby brings a tray of food into Mother and she brushes him off just as easily as she did with her sons. She says she isn’t hungry and doesn’t care about food right now. Shelby sets the tray down next to her and walks away. Aww, poor little man’s girlfriend is mad at him.

Emma and Norman arrive and the bondsman is out for 10 minutes. Norman brings up the girl from the manga book and tells Emma that he found her. “You can’t start asking a bunch of questions. There are some things you’re just going to have to accept that I can’t tell you.” What?! That’s like saying I have a present for you, it’s behind my back but you can’t try and get a look at it. Rookie mistake, Norman.  He tells her about finding the girl in the cops basement and Emma wants to know how he found her and wants to go to the cops and go get her. “I should never have said anything, you’re freaking out.” Ah, yeah! You just said you found the abused sex-slave in a basement!

She gives him a kiss and laughs because he’s just so darn cute, I guess. The bondsman arrives and Norman says he’ll go in alone. Just as he has the door handle in hand Emma says, “Oh and Norman? Did she do it? I’d understand if she did, Keith was a pig.” How is that the question you just casually throw in there? Couldn’t you wait to get back in the car? Norman says no.

Norman texts Bradley that it was really great to see her last night. I’ll bet it was! If you get what I mean.  He’s having some naked memories of feeling her body. Again, A&E subjects us to seeing not-age appropriate nakedness. Although to be fair, Freddie Highmore is 21, and IMDB won’t tell me how old Nicola Peltz (Bradley) is. Either way, she’s SUPPOSED to be no older than, like 15! He gets a notification noise and quickly grabs the phone, obviously in hopes that it’s a selfie in return.

Far from a selfie. And what bail bonds store (?) sends text alerts? Perhaps it’s my lack of ever having to use a bondsman, but I find that weird.  Norman is very disappointed.

Norman is waiting with flowers and Mother’s purse like a good son to take her home. She tells him that he can take a cab home, she’s walkin’. She pouts like a 15 year old and says she has nothing to say to him and storms off. Way to be mature, Mother!

They wait in a law office and Norman says, “When are you gonna look at me?”

She turns ,looks and immediately turns back. What a bratty bitch! They go in and meet with Rebecca Craig, her attorney. She is trying to explain her situation out loud, making it perfectly plausible why she would kill Keith. This is unacceptable for Mother. She’s not going to pretend that it was self-defense when she in fact, did nothing at all. She brings up the carpet fibers and the likelihood that they will match the fiber under the watch to the carpet they threw away. Mother seems to think it’s completely possible that the carpet fibers are there from when he owned the motel himself. She wants to run her own tests. She pitches a fit and walks out.

Norman tells her that she’s being unreasonable in the car and that she’s not doing anything to help herself. Yes! Thank you! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, Mother! She gets all 15 year old again and says, “What difference does it make to you, anyways? You do not care about me. You went out and you got laid while I was laying in bed crying about what would happen to me and to you.” He apologizes and says Dylan told him he should go. She demands to know who. Eww. What? Mother claims Dylan is trying to turn Norman against her. She pulls over and starts in on him for telling Dylan their personal business. “You do things that don’t make sense, Mom. You scare me!” She gets mad and screams at him to get out of the car. They’re 10 miles away from the house. She gets out of the car and physically pulls him out when he won’t get out on his own and then drives away. Ah, motherly love.

While on his hike to the house, Dylan pulls up behind him and takes him home. There’s an odd lengthy scene of the two of them riding on the bike together.

It feels weird. When they get home Dylan and Norman have more bonding over crazy Mother. Dylan tells him that Mother is addicted to drama and that they both need to just walk away from her. He says that he’s getting his own place and he’d like Norman to come live with him, whether Mother goes to jail or not. Norman seems terrified of the thought of leaving her.

Ethan and Dylan are walking down the street and Ethan hands Dylan an envelope. They get in his truck and Dylan opens it to see a huge stack of cash. Ethan says it’s a personal loan from him to go get his own place. Aww, such a nice guy! They see a tweaker looking guy walk towards the truck. Ethan tells him to hide the money and then when the guy approaches, asks him if he’s got his shit in order. Apparently the boss has been bugging Ethan to go down and break this guy’s legs or something. He says yeah, he’s got in order.

BOOM! Shot in the neck and then the guy runs. I don’t even remotely know what I would do in that situation besides lose control of my bladder. Dylan gets a cloth and tells him to hold it on the wound, pushes him over and then gets in the truck and speeds to the hospital. They come screaming in, he gets put on a gurney and wheeled away. Dylan knows his name is Ethan but no last name. The nurse comes back for him later with a cop and Dylan ditches and runs.

Mother pulls her car up next to Shelby’s and gets into his car. She looks annoyed and still bitchy. Shelby apologizes for arresting her. He then says that they need to not see each other for a while because its’ not safe. She stops him, and gets out of the car. More 15 year old behavior. He stops her and says he loves her and calls her an idiot. He tells her how much it hurt him to know she was in the cell alone and terrified and he couldn’t do anything to help her. She then kisses him and the idea of not seeing each other for a while gets shot to shit. Much like Ethan’s neck. Too soon?

Shelby goes into the station and sends the lady at the desk running on an errand to get a form for him after he finds out that Romero is out on a call. He turns off the security cameras, breaks into Romero’s office and goes into the storage locker.

He steals the fibers and then puts everything back in place just in time to see the receptionist coming back. All timed to perfection.

Dylan is driving the truck around, very upset, crying actually. He then stops and sees the shooter. He backs it up and runs the guy down the alley. He follows him until he eventually runs him over. He turns back to look at the body. Well, you’re in it now, Dylan. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Emma is in a coffee shop using the local wi-fi (because that’s so much safer than using your own internet at home) and searching on I always find the fake tv search engines funny. Dexter has some great ones too (another show to keep an eye out for! All for the last season in June). She finds that Keith owned a boat.

Mother is working on the motel website when she gets a call from the attorney’s office that she stormed out of. Rebecca Craig says that everything is over. She applied for a discovery motion so that they could run their own test on the carpet fibers and the police denied the request, which they can’t do. They denied it because the fibers are gone. Shelby took them, remember? It happened a few paragraphs ago. Mother is resigned to relief.

Norman calls Bradley and it goes straight to voicemail. He leaves a pitiful message vying for her to call him back. He reminds her that it’s been nice to spend time with her. Basically, “I’m a stage-5 clinger, and I need you in my life in order to breathe!” Mother comes in and announces that the evidence is gone and that the case is over. She hugs him and all is forgiven. She says she’s pretty sure Shelby helped remove the evidence. Norman storms off because he knows that they’re now even further into his debt.

Emma pulls up as he’s stormed off and tells him that she might know where the girl from the basement is. They drive to the beach area so Norman can clear his head. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Emma then talks about how she came up with the idea of looking for the boat. Norman the whole time is checking his phone. Emma notices and he tells her that he’s kind of with Bradley now.

She seems unconvinced. “What’s this based on?” He says that they slept together and Emma is still unconvinced. “That doesn’t really mean anything, ya know. It means you hooked up.” Norman says it was more than that. Emma gets a little teary, but brushes it aside. Poor Emma. Emma figured out that since Shelby and Keith were in the Asian sex-slave business together, and Keith died, wouldn’t Shelby use Keith’s property to hide the girl?

They go to the boat to search for the girl. Again, more shows with everything being dark. Grr. Emma uses her tank to bust open the lock on the door. They go down a set of stairs into a lower level right away. I get a feeling this boat will feel much larger than it actually could be. They keep opening doors and cabinets and not finding anything. They open a door and the girl pops out. She struggles and fights and they get her off the boat and into the car.

They pull up to the motel and take her into one of the rooms. They lay her on the bed, and she’s sort of passed out. They clean her up and we see Mother finishing up paperwork in the office. She comes out and sees the light on in their room. She walks down there and opens the door to find Emma with the girl on the bed. She calls out for Norman and asks what’s going on. “2 girls in a motel room with my son doesn’t look too good.” Norman says that this is the girl from the basement. Mother out rightly refuses to believe it. Norman tells the girl to tell Mother the truth. The Asian girl says that she was kept in the house and was used for sex. Mother says it’s not true. “I’m just saying there must be some mistake. It can’t be the same man. It’s not Zach.” She then runs out and down to her office to grab a newspaper. She runs back and shows her the picture of Zach in the paper from when he won the log sawing competition. “This is not him. Right? This is not the man.”

“He is the man.” Mother is in disbelief. So Norman wasn’t making it up! Norman says he’s sorry, but he told her. End of scene. Oh goodness!

Next week Mother seems determined to not let Shelby get away with this, but she certainly isn’t going to the police about it. Oh my. This is turning into quite the nail biter of a show!

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