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The Following - The End is Near

Happy Sunday, Addicts! I hope you've been enjoying yours as much as Fusk and I have been enjoying ours. We spent all weekend with our good friends Turd Ferguson and his wife Ape Tang, along with their dog Juniper. It's finally getting warm here in Milwaukee, so that means all residents have been outside! I feel as though people that live in warm climates year round don't fully get to appreciate how good they have it.

Anyways, last time on The Following we were shocked to hear that Joe Carroll killed 14 young women and was arrested. That fact blew me away. Roderick finally met his end, while Jacob realized his end isn't far away after he let Joey go and be with Hardy. Claire made a stab at freedom, literally, by stabbing Joe. Joe has thus started to unravel. The FBI is on the cusp of finding the cult's house.

We open with Joe watching videos of Molly and Hardy doing the nasty. He keeps drinking whiskey, and all I keep thinking is that with every gulp, he's thinning his blood more and more. Joe hears Hardy say a phrase that he keeps rewinding and playing over and over again. "You can't kill me, I'm already dead." He fixates and starts repeating it himself.

With Roderick gone, Joe is looking for someone new to trust as a second in command. That is apparently Emma. I thought she was second in command, but maybe she was really third. When Joe goes to touch her, she pulls away since the last time she tried to get close she got slapped for her efforts. Joe apologizes and is babbling. He gives her a puppy look and she's of course back in the fold. Joe is popping pain pills and drinking it down with his whiskey.

Look how gross that guy's "mustache" is. The FBI is doing a full scale man-hunt. Joey is being put into hiding, but before he did so he gave them a full rundown of the layout of the house and surrounding properties. The FBI has road blocks at every road, coast guards at every harbor and water way along with helicopters circling Havenport.

The remaining followers meet and have a little chant. "In death there is life. In death there is love. In death there is everything." If you take a quick headcount, there are 17 followers and one Joe. If these are truly the only remaining, then ok, fine. But I'm getting tired of the endless followers that seem to pop up at every possible turn. It makes it feel even more unbelievable than the situation already would have been. Joe addresses his people and he tells them that today is the most special of days. He tells one blonde girl to be fierce. Another no-name guy says that everyone is ready because they've all been training. This must be the evacuation plan. Joe is wincing from the pain.

Emma and Jacob leave the room and Jacob is confiding in Emma that he thinks the plan is shit. He says Joe is too wasted on pills and booze to be thinking this through clearly. Emma, the faithful solider has no problems following whatever command Joe decrees. When Emma tells him to work on his trust issues on his own he throws it back in her face how trusting her screwed him over.

Joe goes to visit Claire and tells her that he finished the re-write and despite all his efforts he couldn't come up with a way to save her character in the story. 2 men come in and carry her away.

Tech lady for the FBI finds Roderick's tampered with files and they discover where the house is located based on Joey's description. They burst through the gates and have SWAT surround the house as they break down the door and go in. The place is deserted except for one poor sucker.

We meet a new couple and they're trying to get out of town in a rush because there's such a long wait at the road blocks. When she opens her garage door, Emma and Jacob are there. They rush at her and she runs upstairs to find her husband bashed in the head with Joe and Claire standing there. It seems they've found a new nest for the time being.

The poor sucker was merely a sign of "I'm totally in control" from Joe to them. The tech lady says that based on a quick fingerprint and grocery count, there were 37 people living in the house. Hardy walks around and finds a note left for him in a book of Edgar Allen Poe stories. "Dear Ryan, the final chapter has begun. See you soon, Joe" It's left at the beginning of Mask of the Red Death. Hardy says it's just a diversion. Something must have happened with Claire because now Joe is acting so erratically. Parker says that Joe is going to give him the opportunity to save Claire.

Back at the new nest, Joe ties everyone up and is settling them in for an awkward day. He pulls a knife on the husband, Phil, as he tries to struggle to save his wife, Vicky from being hurt and tells Phil not to play the hero. He pours himself another drink and tries to make small talk. Claire begs Joe to not torture these people and leave them alone.

Emma and Jacob are down in the kitchen discussing what's happening. He seems to be the only one who's not ok with Joe's plan. "None of this is what I thought it was going to be." Jacob thought it was going to be about him and Emma. He thought it would bring them to a new place, as a couple.

Back at FBI headquarters they're trying to ID any and all of the followers based on who visited Joe in prison. Hardy looks out the window and sees a large group of people. There are reporters everywhere saying that there is an evacuation point for residents at the recreation center. Do you think Leslie Knope is there ready to play games and teach people about Pawnee? No? Wrong show...Hardy stands and stares at the people waiting outside because he thinks that the followers are there, planting themselves to make a move.

The blonde girl that Joe told to be brave goes up to a reporter and is being interviewed. She then turns and talks to the camera and starts quoting Mask of the Red Death very similar to when the lawyer started quoting Poe earlier in the season. Hardy makes eye contact and a grin with the no-namer (who I believe is the one they call Alex). The reporter is very confused and then blonde girl stabs the reporter.

They bring her into the interview room and Hardy comes in. She's all smiles and is joking and performing. She has a voice that's perfect for voice-over work. It's so young and innocent sounding. She asks Hardy if he'll grieve over his love at her grave by the sea. She tells him that everything is about death. They play the dance-around game with each other and then Hardy has enough and throws the table over and pushes her against the wall with a gun to her head. She answers that Claire has to die so that he can be reborn. He lets her go and walks out of the room. Well that's a stupid answer.

Joe is busy making dinner for everyone. Phil and Vicky are at the table with Claire and while he's in the kitchen she tells them they need to remain calm and follow her lead. Clarie suggests to Joe that these 2 could be of help to him by being a messenger. He could give them a message and take it to Hardy for him. He then tells Claire he's already taken care of getting a message to Hardy. She's bummed by this news. "Ryan is about to have a very busy few hours." He fills everyone's plates and is ready to eat.

Emma comes out to find Jacob in the car sitting by himself. She thinks he's getting ready to leave. Jacob says of course not because where else does he have to go? His life is no longer his own. "I hate what I've done to you." Emma knows they can't be what they used to be, because Jacob isn't the same anymore. They kiss and make up so it would seem.

Joe is trying to open the bottle of wine but with the injury in his side, he can't pull the cork out. Claire offers to do it for him, which would require him to untie her. He does so and she opens the wine while Joe immediately asks for the opener back. Joe then asks if Phil trusts Vicky and he says yes he does. He then asks if he loves his wife and he says yes. The final question is would he die for his wife, and he says yes. He begs for Joe to let his wife go and he can do anything he wants to him. Joe looks and Claire like, "See?! This is what I've been trying to get from you!" Joe then asks why she won't eat and enjoy the company because this is her last supper.

The doorbell rings then. Emma and Jacob come up to see it's the cops. Emma tells Joe she'll handle it. She opens the door and the cops ask if everything is alright and if she is Vicky. As Emma tries to convince him that everything is grand, he recognizes her and she then pulls out a gun and shoots both of them. So much for handling it.

Joe gets up and tells them not to move. So Claire grabs the bottle of wine when his back is turned and bashes him with it. She then grabs a dingle-hopper (fork, for you non-Little-Mermaid-fans) and restabs Joe in his wound. He's a little overly-trusting. Claire cuts them lose and they bolt out the dining room door. Joe screams out for Emma. The nearest neighbors are through the woods. Joe tells Emma and Jacob to take the car and hunt Claire down. He'll call Alex and get picked up.

At headquarters, Hardy thinks it's finally time to look at why Mask of the Red Death keeps getting brought up. Weston summarizes that it was about a village of people that was plagued by death but offered a sanctuary to those who were afraid. And yet, death found the fearful anyways. Does anyone else see the immediate connection? The evacuation point is where there will be a showdown. It takes Weston just as much time as it took us.

All the cops show up at the recreation center to sort through the people and try and fish out the followers, while not causing a mass panic. ALL of those cult members better be in there, short of Emma, Jacob and Alex because otherwise, what the hell. Seriously. This is supposed to be the final chapter, it better include everyone. They start their walk-throughs and don't see much. Hardy does see flickers of Alex and goes to tell Weston about it. When they sort of corner him, he raises his hands up above his head and the lights go out. The weapons come out and the red death has arrived. We see a few of them get shot down, while other make the most of the situation and kill as many as they can.

Claire tries to flag down a car, and they realize it's Emma and Jacob. Phil and Vicky run ahead and Claire tries to fight them off, which of course doesn't work. "Nice try, bitch." They haul her back to the car.

Parker is alone and Alex comes up from behind her and grabs her, while another member walks up to her with a bloody knife. Oh no!! I hope Parker makes it, I actually like her! Her background story is interesting.

I'm confused how it's already night. It was what looked like lunch time when Joe was trying to make pasta. Now it's pitch black outside. Emma and Jacob arrive at a marina with Claire and Joe is already there. He says the police were distracted by the murder and mayhem going on elsewhere. He opens the care door and goes to get Claire out of the car, but she won't move. Really? There are 3 of them and one of you. Joe goes to get her and takes her down the pier onto a yacht. She tries to tell him that being out on the open water is such a bad idea. As Joe and Claire pull away, Jacob and Emma are left on the shore.

They head back to the car and Jacob stops her from starting the engine. This is his last ditch effort to talk her into coming with him. He says they have a car and a full tank of gas, and they could probably get by the road blocks. I'm not sure how on that one, but ok. He knows that Emma loves Joe and so does he but he doesn't want to die. He doesn't think being part of a book someone wrote is really worth dying over. He doesn't want her to die for Joe either. "You're really going to leave" she says in a moment of realization. He gives her a big kiss and tells her that he loves her. She kisses him back and says she loves him too, and that she loves Joe. We hear a slitting noise and a gurgle.

"But I don't know how to love you both." NO! I really wanted Jacob to kill Emma in revenge. Boo. So now there's nothing holding her back. Poor, baby Jacob. He was always way in over his head. She strokes his face as he dies.

The FBI exchange casualty numbers and realize that this was a distraction to allow Joe to get out of town. Weston then tells Hardy that Parker is missing.

The 2 men are carrying her into the woods. They find a grave. Oh holy hell. They rip the tape off her mouth and ask if she has any last words. She tells them they don't have to do this and he says he knows, he doesn't have to. He then advises her to take small breaths. They nail the lid on. Sweet, Moses! She's screaming as loud as she can and crying. The start shoveling on the dirt.

The last thing we hear is her screaming and pleading for help. NO!!! They can't kill her! The final episode is tomorrow. I want them to find her, but at the same time, how is it even remotely possible for them to? At least they go into the finale on a suspenseful note. The real question is, how many of these characters will survive to season 2.

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