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The Following - Havenport

Have you missed me, Addicts? I was gone performing Aunt duties to the best of my ability to my twin nephews. It’s a full time gig! And then I came home to celebrate my birthday weekend, so I was out having fun, instead of watching TV for you, I apologize! No I don’t! It was an amazing week and a half. Alas, I have fallen far behind on my recaps and hope to make up time, quickly. There will be a great splurge of activity, so strap in!

We are once again reminded of Joe Carroll’s crimes against humanity. Claire has been reunited with Joey and has made it very clear to Joe that his plan won’t work. The FBI has found the bunker full of their guns and training information. Roderick is starting to spiral out of control and has been officially introduced to the FBI as the Sherriff Nelson persona he tries to forget.

Roderick is telling the FBI how every road has blocks set up, and the local PD is helping as much as they can. Just as Roderick walks out of the room, Weston walks in. Keep in mind, a few episodes ago, it was Roderick who helped beat the shit out of Weston. Is he really going to just walk out of the room and there’s no retribution? He walks down the hall and hears the voice of the one that taunted him while beating him.

Oh good! I was worried Fox was going to totally let me down. Roderick doesn’t pretend to be anyone but himself. “Shouldn’t you be in the hospital right now? Close to death?” He walks out of the building as the locals put Weston down, not realizing he’s an agent; silly, policemen.

Tim Nelson is Roderick’s real name, and his mom was a mayor, his dad an Army Colonel and he went to Winslow University with a minor in literature. That being where he met and fell madly in love with Joe and his philosophy’s about killing people. Hardy is certain that now the police are aware of Roderick’s identity, the cult is going to make a big move.

Joe tells Emma that he wants her to keep a special eye on Claire and Joey for him. Emma rebuts this saying she’s the last person that should/could be watching over them. She stole Claire’s son and is sleeping with her husband! Joe wants to know if Claire is aware of their naked dances together, and Emma says no, “it’s more fun that way.” I call, slut! Roderick bursts in and announces the problem of the FBI being aware of who he is.

The FBI is trying to track down the house that they all live in. The FBI see the press has arrived to pick at their bones, and it is announced that there is a blackout on talking to the press.

Joe tells him that it’s his fault since he didn’t finish Weston off in the first place.  Roderick says there’s an escape plan in place and they need to evacuate the house immediately. Joe says no. There is some serious tension. Roderick says he fixed the property records but it’s only a matter of time before the FBI is knocking on their door asking if they have a spot of tea. Joe refuses to leave, because it’s not time yet. Roderick wants to know if there’s some other plan that Joe isn’t tell anyone about and he says no.

Then Roderick tells him that his current plan of action is futile; Claire doesn’t want him, his book will be a failure. Bad idea Roderick, don’t poke the crazy bear! Joe releases him just before he fades to black. “It was all a lie, you used me.” Joe keeps telling him he needs to pull himself together. I like to see this as the true unraveling of Roderick. Jacob bursts in and says there’s something they need to see on TV.
Hardy, true to form, doesn’t give a shit what the FBI thinks and holds his own press conference. He speaks directly to the followers and tells them that if someone comes forward, that wants out; they will be there with open arms and a full pardon for all the crimes that he/she committed. This is a one time, first come-first serve opportunity. Joe comes in and turns the TV off and tells them that they are not desperate like the FBI clearly is.

Claire is explaining to Joey that Emma is bad, and despite how much he likes Jacob, so is he. She says they’re going to leave really soon. Then Roderick comes out the door and walks towards his car, stops and thinks better of it. He turns and grabs Joey away from Claire.

Poor, Joey. Kid can’t catch a break. Roderick speeds away with Joey in the car. Claire then goes and demands to know why Roderick would do that. Joe promises to get their son back. Everyone seems to be screaming at Joe today. He tells her to calm down and that he’s having a really bad day. I’ll say so!  Joe says he’s going out to find Joey himself but Jacob insists he go instead, especially since he is well liked by the golden son. 2 random followers, who I’m sure won’t last passed this episode are told to go with Jacob and kill Roderick. “Make him suffer, if you can.”

Some random waitress is taking garbage to the dumpster and she turns around to be surprised by “Tim”. Roderick is wearing a black baseball hat and big aviators, the classic get-away look. She wants to know what he did that everyone is looking for him. He says he needs her help and shows her a gun. Roderick tells Betty it’s all a big misunderstanding. They pull up to a roadblock and he tells her to call him Brian. The cop asks for ID’s from them both. He asks Roderick to get out of the car. He nods and slowly gets out and then promptly shoots both officers on the scene. Rude! He then tells her to drive on.
Claire stops Jacob before he can leave to go find Joey. She begs him to please not bring him back to the house; he’s just a little boy and has no say in what’s going on. She pleads to his sensitive side and he brushes her off.

Betty stops the car and gets out in fear. She tries to sort of make a run for it and Roderick pulls a gun, but just as that happens the police all show up. After he drops his gun, Hardy gives him a swift kick to the legs and cuffs him. Well, that’s one major player down!

Roderick tells Hardy that he wants to make a deal because he has Joey as an insurance policy. Hardy doesn’t believe him, so Roderick tells him to use the phone he had on him and call Joe about it himself. The number gets dialed and Joe answers, assuming its Roderick, and lo and behold it’s Hardy. Joe’s sense of humor is immediately gone. Joe tells Hardy to tell Roderick (gosh! Talk to him yourself, you freak!) that he will peel the skin off of him if anything happens to Joey. Hardy hangs up to further piss on Joe’s day. Roderick wants to hand over the boy for his freedom. He did say first come-first serve basis. He leaves the room and the FBI says this isn’t a deal they can make.

Hardy comes back into the room, unplugs the camera and uncuffs him from the table. He says he’s going to take him to Joey. An officer passes by and Hardy calls him into the room and has him hand over his FBI coat and hat to camouflage Roderick in through the halls. They walk right out the door and get into a car. Hardy tells him that once they have Joey safe, he will escort him passed the road blocks and then he’s on his own. Roderick demands Hardy get rid of his phone and gun or Joey dies. He does what he’s told.

Joe has become so blocked in his writing that he actually is writing with pen on paper in front of the fire, while standing. That just looks so uncomfortable. Emma comes in to talk to him. She’s worried and wants to know how much longer they can stay in the house. He tells her she needs to calm down (a reoccurring pattern) and then she makes a move to kiss him. He brushes her off by saying it’s not an appropriate time and that they’re just having sex, it’s not a storybook romance. Joe blames her for Joey disappearing. When she tries to refute this he slaps her. “What is wrong with you?” Emma asks and runs out of the room.

They arrive at some shack and go inside. Once they get inside, we see the trunk pop open and Weston rolls out. Did Hardy know he was in there? Or is he just super stealthy? Everything is super dark. I’m so annoyed. I get that this is supposed to make things suspenseful, but for real, I can’t see shit! Weston calls Parker and tells them to stay back until he calls them in. Roderick tells Hardy that the owners of the house won’t mind him being there. Joey screams from the closet and Hardy runs to him. Roderick then pulls out a gun from a hidden spot in the couch. Then Weston comes in and points his own gun at Roderick. Then 3 gun shots later and Roderick is on the floor and neither he nor Weston fired. Jacob and his crew are outside and took their shot. Weston is aware that it’s not the FBI since they’re waiting on his call to move. Hardy tells Joey to hide back in the closet after making a dive and taking out the light so the people outside can’t see inside. Now it’s all black again. Damnit! I’m tired of this shit, can’t it just be mid-day? Weston makes a call and the FBI are on their way. Hardy tells Weston to take Joey someplace safe, so he takes him into a back bedroom. That’s safe, I guess. Weston tells Joey he’s going to check the rest of the house and as soon as he closes the door the 2 followers have entered the house. One of them gets shot down by Hardy and after a few moments of struggle the other gets shot by Weston. I told you they wouldn’t last long. Jacob comes in and picks up Joey and runs off with him.

They run outside and Hardy is hot on their tails. They hide behind a shed and they have a Mexican-stand-off situation. Hardy talks Jacob down by telling him that Joe doesn’t care what happens to Jacob and that all that matters is what’s best for Joey. The cops show up and Jacob thinks better of his situation in tears. Joey gives a heart breaking “Please let me go, Jacob!” Hardy gets closer and closer to the shed.

No Jacob, and an unharmed Joey. He finally did the right thing. I think Jacob’s ticket is getting punched next, though. “You’re Ryan Hardy. My mom said you’re one of the good guys!” Wait…this isn’t the first time that he’s met Ryan, or seen him, or even talked to him. How is this his first time confirming who Hardy is? Hardy has even said to him, “I’m Ryan Hardy, I’m a friend of your mom’s!” the last time he almost had custody of Joey.

Jacob is in his room and Emma knocks on the door. He’s not happy to see her, but then again, he’s not happy about anything. Emma wants to know what happened and Jacob tells her that they’re going to die soon. She comforts him.

Joe scolds Claire for crying while watching the news about Joey being saved and then walks away. She goes to find him in his office viciously writing on his laptop. Claire tells him that she’s there, in the room, and she wants to make a deal. If he is willing to let Joey go, and remain free, she will stay with him and do whatever he asks. Joe seems genuinely interested in the deal. She tries her best to convince him. She says she loved him once, maybe she could try again. She moves in for a kiss, and Joe is enjoying it. They make out for a minute and then…

STABBED! Nice move. Joe really is having the worst day. Claire tries to run and 2 men come in and grab her. They take her back up to her room. Joe calls Hardy and it’s immediately heard that he’s not doing well. Joe tells him that it’s bad, but if there has to be a rewrite, there will be one. “It has not been a very good day.” He eludes to the fact that it’s time for Claire to die and then hangs up.

This girl walks into the police station and asks to see Ryan Hardy. Weston goes to get him and says the girl is from the following and wants to take the deal. She’s all tears.

Then she grabs a hatpin out of her hair and jumps on FBI guy and stabs him in the eye! She’s immediately shot dead. Fade to black.

Well at least they ended on a high note. It’s about time that they go back to their roots. But the sad thing is, they’re not even quite there yet! There are only 2 more episodes, so they better either wrap some shit up or get back to the Poe thing quick. Roderick’s gone, and now it’s just Emma, Jacob and Joe’s turn. Then again, if Joe dies, what’s the point of season 2? I was starting to like Roderick, and it’s sad to see him gone. Ah, well. Til next week!

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