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Bates Motel - The Truth

Goood Eeevening, Addicts. This show has surpassed my attention and enjoyment from The Following. They're maintaining a level of intensity and suspense that Alfred Hitchcock would be proud of! Previously we watched Mother and Shelby continue their relationship despite her being released from jail and him being a cop. Norman tells Emma about the girl he found in Shelby's basement. They break her out of the Keith's boat and taker her to the motel where Mother finds them. They have a hard time of it, but when the girl tells Mother that yes, the picture of Shelby in the paper is the man who made her have sex, she is shocked.

Mother is outside in a state of shock and disbelief. Norman comes out to check on her and she's staring off into the distance. Then out of no where she jumps up and starts going towards the car. When Norman sees what she's doing she runs. They fight as she's trying to pull away and Norman is running after the car and jumping in the window. They're driving in circles around the parking lot. She wants to go see and confront Shelby. Norman stops her enough that he takes the keys out of the ignition and throws them out the window. "He's not going to get away with this. Everyone else gets away with everything!" Mother is in hysterics. Norman promises that they'll nail Shelby for what he's done, but they have to do it the right way. Mother calms down rather quickly and tells him to go get the keys.

Dylan goes to see Gil and tells him about what happened to Ethan. Dylan is actually in tears and apologizes Gil says what a loss it is to have Ethan gone, he was a good trust-worthy worker. Gil asks if he would recognize the shooter, and Dylan tells him that he's already dead because he ran him down with the truck. Gil seems upset. Dylan tries to back peddle and say he hopes things didn't get screwed up because he doesn't ask first, but Gil says that he stepped up and took care of things and that's good. He then talks Dylan through how to get rid of Ethan's truck by burning it. Fusk tries to explain to me why the truck wouldn't actually explode, but science and I never got along very well.

As the truck is burning someone speaks up from behind Dylan and tells him whenever he's done they can leave. Gil sent him to pick Dylan up. They will be partners now and his name is Remo. Like Nemo but with an R, and no lucky fin. Remo says that yes he's older and he's a seasoned professional. Dylan is desperate to make nice with his new boss. Remo is annoyed that he's only 21. Remo then tells him that he's not the boss, Dylan is in this situaiton.

Mother goes to check on our sex slave but she's passed out. I can't even imagine how much that girl needs to just sleep. She brings her a tray of food and sees all the needle-marks on her arm and the bruises around her wrists. She covers her with a blanket and then comes back into the house to see Emma and Norman. Emma is adamant that they need to go to the police immediately. Mother tries to delay the timing by saying she's sleeping and has been through a shock. She tries to reassure Emma that they will eventually take action and go the authorities and convince the girl to go with them. As they're walking Emma to her car Mother offers to call Emma's mom and tell her that she's on her way. Emma says she can try but she hasn't seen or heard from her mother in 8 years. Mother is saddened but also sense an opportunity it seems to step in a be the mom. They share a very long hug, initiated by Emma. Mother tells her that she's very brave and if she'd had a daughter she'd wanted her to be just like Emma. Mother also convinces her they'll take care of everything tomorrow. As she drives away Mother tells Norman there's no way in hell they're taking to the girl until they find the belt Shelby took.

Mother is gussying herself up to go back over to Shelby's to try and find the belt for Norman, but he doesn't want her to go, and he went to the house anyways and he didn't find it. Mother apologizes for not believing him when he originally told her about the girl. Norman asks if there is something wrong with him and she says no, of course not. Little to their knowledge Dylan walks in and hears their discussion and is informed of the stolen sex slave. Dylan asks where the boat is that they found the girl in and takes Norman with him. He tells her to stay put and take off her lipstick because they're only coming back with the belt.

On their drive over Dylan says he put down a deposit on a beach bungalow and he wants Norman to come with him. "No crazy people allowed." He wants to provide a normal life for the two of them. He tells him that he's gotta let Mother go because she'll only bring him down with her.

They get to the boat and Norman asks, "Where do we look?" Really? Oh, you know, if it's not right out in plain sight, we shouldn't worry about it. You look EVERYWHERE! In places that logically it couldn't even be in, but you still look because you're life depends on it. While they're searching Dylan asks Norman how his father died and he says that a shelf fell on him in his garage. Dylan finds that a little hard to believe. They find a strange board on the ceiling and unscrew it. Dylan says that he thinks Mother killed the father because she was miserable and took the insurance money and ran. Norman doesn't enjoy being told that his mother killed his father.  The belt falls from behind the board onto the floor. Bingo.

Shelby shows up and is hot to trot. He's got a massive erection and only Mother can assist him. She tries to push him off in an acceptable way. He says they'll go down to the motel and have at it like rabbits. She tries to put him off and he's suspicious. She's revolted by him now and is trying to get out of it. She takes him down towards the motel and I'm not sure what her plan is.

Dylan throws the belt into the lake like they did with the arm. Norman is worried it will wash up on shore. Dylan assures him that it's not a body, it'll stay at the bottom. Why wouldn't you take it someplace and bury it super far into the ground?? Why always the lake? Dylan says they're going home to pack up Norman's stuff.

Shelby is pumping away at Mother and she's clearly not enjoying it. He stops and senses something is wrong. Considering she's been squealing like a baby pig before, total stiff body silence is not the same. She says she's worried about Norman. She kisses him and says she's sorry and asks to start again. As he climbs on top of her he hears running water. He asks her who's staying here and she says no one. Then she says it's probably just a weird plumbing thing. Shelby grabs his gun and runs to check the rooms. Mother is fixating on room 11, where the sex slave is. He sees the light on in the room and runs for it. The girl is taking a shower. She then comes up with, "Oh you know what? I forgot, one of the painters is staying here." He knows she's lying. Then...

She opens the door. Screams no and makes a run for it. Shelby shoots at her and then pushes Mother and calls her a bitch. Holy Moses. I didn't see this happening so fast! Shelby ran off into the woods after the girl and the boys return home after getting rid of the belt. Just before Mother can tell them about Shelby, Dylan tells her that Norman is packing up his stuff and moving in with him. She's shocked. Shen casually tells them about Shelby finding the girl. And without skipping a beat to breathe she asks why Norman would want to leave her. She's heartbroken. All Norman asks is if she killed his father and she says no. I call bullshit. Just as this is going on Shelby shows up and points his gun at everyone and tells Dylan to get rid of his gun since he knows who Dylan works for. Shelby picks up the gun and makes everyone go up to the house.

Shelby is sort of in a state of panic a bit. But who wouldn't be? His darkest secrets are out in the open. Mother tries to make him relax and he tells her to shut up. He points a gun at Norman and says it's all his fault. He loved Mother and he would've taken care of everyone but he had be nosy. Mother tries to talk him down and Norman isn't saying anything, he's just in a trance. Dylan tries to help out but then Shelby pistol-whips her. Norman is dead in the face and then gets up and shoves Shelby into a wall when he gets physical with Mother. Dylan then jumps up and grabs one of the two guns. Norman is passed out. Holy shit,guys. This is pretty epic and it's only episode 6! Dylan and Shelby trade shots until Dylan finally lands one in his hip. When he goes in for the kill shot his clip is empty. He then runs upstairs and Shelby keeps shooting after him. Mother is trying to make Norman wake up but it's not working. Shelby hobbles up the stairs after Dylan and Mother carries Norman outside with her purse.

Dylan is on the ground on the side of the bed reloading his clip as Shelby gets closer. Mother is on the porch and calls 911 to tell them that someone is trying to kill them. Norman's eyes are open but he's not responding to anything and not moving. Mother has to move him like a puppet into the car. When she finally gets him and herself in she searches her purse desperately but there are no keys. Norman then says, "What happened? My head hurts? Where are we going?" The keys are in her bedroom and then they hear 3 shots fired. They stare up at the house and see someone hobble out. Oh shit. The bummed leg. It's Shelby! No! I was just starting to like Dylan!

WHOA! His eye is totally gone! It's like a homage to The Birds or something! He points his gun at Mother and then falls over dead. Dylan runs out of the house. Oh good! He comes down and Mother runs to him and hugs him tight. "We're safe." Oh good boy, Dylan! Good boy! Mother says they should get him to the hospital and that she called the cops. She's worried about what to tell the cops and Dylan says they should tell them the truth. He's all done with the crazy and the lies. Mother says he doesn't know, despite what he might think. She tells him what happened the day Norman's father died.

Flashback to her getting into an argument with Sam over the money they spent. Norman is in the kitchen hearing the whole fight. To block out the noise he makes something in the blender and then pours it down the drain when he hears Sam hitting Mother and hurting her.

That same dead, vacant look in his eyes. He hits his father in the head with the blender and there's blood pooling behind his head. What!? So it was Norman who killed his father!? I was so wrong! Mother is worried because she's getting no sort of response from Norman at all, just like with Shelby. She takes him and puts him in his room to lay down. She then wraps Sam's head in a cloth and drags his dead body down the hall into the garage and then tips the shelf over on him, setting it up to look like how we saw it in the opening scenes of the series. So she did it all to save Norman. Well played, A&E. You had me fooled! We then get a replay of the opening scene where Norman awakens in bed to the TV and finds Sam in the garage and runs to find Mother. This explains why Mother is more calm and simply says that she's sorry.

I will admit, I am surprised, but it makes total sense! He always had a killer within him. It wasn't just that Mother made him crazy, he already was that way. Mother explains this whole thing to Dylan and he asks what's wrong with Norman. Mother says she doesn't know and that maybe it was an isolated incident and that he needs to be protected. "You can either get out of my way, or you can help me." The cops show up and BOOM! End.

Whoa, guys. Seriously, whoa. That was an amazing and fast paced episode. I'm seriously impressed! We get no preview for next week, so I don't know if that means they didn't show me one or if there isn't a new one yet. Is anyone else as impressed as I am??

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